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[CONTEST CLOSED] A Guest Community Challenge!

Kind of a big deal

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UPDATE: this challenge has ended. Thanks to everyone who submitted their ideas! Our randomly selected winners are: @SeaTec and @r_timmons. Congrats! 



Blake here, giving this month’s Community Challenge!


Here’s the scenario: you’ve been hired by Meraki to develop new features within the dashboard. What features would you add or adjust first?  These can be anything from how the dashboard interacts with Meraki hardware to 3rd party services such as Apple VPP / DEP or even just the admin side of the dashboard i.e. users, licensing or inventory. The cloud’s the limit!


How to enter

Describe a feature or features in the dashboard that you would take in your own direction in a comment on this post before 11 a.m. PST on Friday, December 13th, 2019. Comments will be public throughout the contest.


How to win

There will be two winners for this challenge. Once the submission period ends, we will randomly select 2 winners from all of the respondents. Winners will receive one of these Osprey Ultralight Stuff Packs!






Terms & conditions

  • Limit one entry per community member.
  • Submission period: Tuesday, December 10th, 2019 at 11am PST through Friday, December 13th, 2019 at 10:59am PST
  • Prize will be a selection of Meraki swag with value not exceeding USD 50.00
  • Official terms, conditions, and eligibility information
Comes here often

I would like to see realtime stats of the device like CPU, Memory, Fans are all working correctly. I've been asking for this for years!

Here to help
Here are the "wishes" that I've submitted from within the dashboard in the past.  So far, none of them have been implemented, but here's hoping...  🙂
1. I wish the "Firewall & traffic shaping" page for wireless networks provided the ability import/export a set of layer 7 firewall rules, which would eliminate the need to manually rebuild our entire list of rules when creating a new SSID.
2. I wish the "Access control" page for wireless networks would offer a "strict priority order" versus "round robin" option for RADIUS server load balancing when using WPA2-Enterprise with our own RADIUS servers, similar to the feature that you already offer when using your splash page RADIUS features.
3. On the client detail page for a MR wireless client, there is a link to the MDM client detail page.  I wish this page would do the same thing in the other direction, by linking directly to the wireless client detail page for any MDM client is also a wireless network client.
4. My dashboard account allows me to access multiple organizations, but I spend the greatest portion of my time working with just one of them.  I wish that I was able to choose a "default" organization in my account profile, such that I would not be presented with the "choose organization" page every time that I log in.  From there, I could easily switch to one of the other organizations from the navigation pane if/when needed.
5. I wish the block page that is triggered by a layer 7 firewall rule could be customized, such that more information about our policies could be communicated to the end-user via that same page.
Comes here often

How about a quick Chat as a addon, it could be a Bot.



Comes here often

I'd add a documentation tab for each network/site. Give the option to upload Visios, rack photos, etc. Then a section to type in notes/leave comments about the current state of the network. 

Comes here often

I wish that when whitelisting a client, some sort of time-out choice could be offered.


-Do you want to whitelist this client for all eternity (until I change it back)?

-Do you want to whitelist this client for an hour?

Building a reputation

The ability to have a template copy only selected items instead of overwriting everything in an existing network. For example, if I want a template only for firewall rules I should be able to apply only those rules and not overwrite the entire local config. Same goes for content filters and a few other items. I realize you can use Node Red and Python, but I personally work in a undersized department and rarely have time to stop and look at these things. I also don't know JS and I've been learning Python but it's slow going. The option of using the dashboard would make things easier for me personally and I imagine many others.


Some of the wishes I have:


-SAML for 802.1x authentication rather than relying on AD or kerberos.

-Like others have mentioned, real time statistics of CPU, Memory, and other hardware related stats.

-More visibility between Meraki and non-Meraki VPN.

-CDP/LLDP on MX. More specifically, who and what is connected to each port on the MX.

-Integrated DNS server within the MX as opposed to using some external server.

-Multiple WAN IP support to NAT data out separately over different circuits.

Comes here often

It  will be nice for clients to have the freedom of enable the hidden features only Meraki support can enable, or at list have an easy access to the list of all features to know what to ask for when contact support

New here

More Orchestration and Automation options are really the way to go for me. It would allow me to do more with less.


Having a Meraki Connector in Azure Logic Apps can be a real benefit. IMHO. It would allow deeper integration with Microsoft Sentinel or other SIEMs where processes can be started which change the Meraki environment on detected security events; for instance.

Comes here often

I would add the ability to configure the MX LAN ports and MR30H LAN ports just like the MS ports.  Including supporting CDP/LLDP, LACP, port tagging, etc.  No more "wired SSIDs" 🙂

Here to help

Oh boy . . . here we go . . .

SSL VPN client and/or WireGuard VPN client and/or Cisco AnyConnect VPN client.

IPv6 on WAN and LAN.

The ability to split out client VPN logs from Site to Site VPN logs.

The ability to assign a group policy to a static route. not just a VIF.

The ability create aliases for objects and assign firewall rules to those objects, not just IPs.

The ability to set up more than 2 WAN connections.


and for the things that can actually be implemented:

Layer 7 firewall allow rules, eg. deny all video and streaming but allow youtube.

Configuration changes backup and restores.

Alert when the secondary WAN is down, not just the primary.

Just browsing

1 - When viewing "All Networks", on the Device tab,  be able to show the public IP of each uplink port. (i.e. display Uplink IP (Port 1), Public IP (Port 1), Uplink IP (Port 2), Public IP (Port 2)


2 - PER-VLAN Content filter


3 - Wildcard for content filter

Here to help

I'll just through this one here.

More control on Admin rule, maybe Admin groups and what each group can do.

This is one of many that I have on the top of my head now, been working very closely with Meraki systems for three years now.

Just browsing

We would love more information about the workstation in Systems Manager, specifically year of workstation and model. We have clients that would love to use Systems Manager to inventory their devices and keep track of which ones need updating next, etc.



Here to help
I would like the ability to apply content filters, layer 7 rules, etc across multiple devices simultaneously. For example, I put a rule in to deny traffic from Canada, I'l like to enter the rule once, then check multiple MX devices to apply it to, then click save, and all the MX devices are updated at the same time. Also would be handy with SSID setup in our company too, we use the same ssid names and passwords in multiple locations. If I need to change the passcode, it would be nice to change it once, and apply it to all the MR33 AP's that have that SSID on them
Here to help

We are driven by statistics. I would love to be able to mine all the data available via custom build reporting. I think we could beef up of infrastructure with a more visible way of documenting our usage. 

Getting noticed

1 - I would add the ability to create a test organisation with test networks and test devices which don't physically exist. This would allow you to test the API as well as other features without the financial commitment of buying hardware.


2 - MX Cable test

3 - Change Log 'undo' button or show a command to reverse changes if done by the API


4 - More granular control of permissions. Being able to allow permission to Wireless but not Switch for example

Just browsing

Ok, so this is something that will probably only affect a small amount of people, but is totally frustrating with me an my ISP's...


Gratuitous arp


So here is the scenario... we have a fibre based ISP that will not 'update' the arp table when it sees a packet coming with the IP address if it has a secondary IP address.


The first IP always works, but in order for me to have additional IP addresses (secondary on the Cisco router), then I run a Linux server (which is what the Meraki MX is), and send an 'arping' while spoofing the mac address.  This is a pretty crappy workaround, and of course on my switch I get error logs indicating that the mac address is flapping between ports.


This is a 5 minute fix... any 1:1 or 1:many nat IP's should do this automatically, and maybe once an hour or something like that.


Easy fix

Easy to implement

Risk to implement low


This is low hanging fruit

Building a reputation

Cisco AnyConnect Support for the MX's

Topology snapshot history

The ability to see what devices are connected into the ports of my MX devices (non Meraki)

Confirmation that a device has successfully upgraded it's firmware or whether the firmware install has hung but appearing as been successfully completed

Custom build reporting

Alerting for WAN 1 and WAN 2 

A color change to graphs/stats for summary/uplink tabs as it is very hard especially under the loss area to determine between the two

 Layer 7 firewall allow rules - would like to deny things but allow youtube 


most of my feature requests are pretty similar to everyone else's here. 


Top of the list is Cisco Anyconnect support and topology snapshot history




Here to help

I would really like the ability to have a shell on any Meraki device. This would give me access to troubleshoot so much more when it comes to any network issue in addition to a Meraki issue. I feel like the "Tools" tab is too limited to basic network connectivity tests.