Where’s my umbrella [IT'S BEEN FOUND!]? Our Gnome Security Team is on the case!

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

*Sigh* Well, it's that time of year again. The gnomes get restless and we have to watch them like a hawk, lest they go off galavanting around the office like last year. Much to my chagrin, their shenanigans seem to have escalated.


This morning, I was taking inventory of our prized Meraki swag and discovered that one of our Meraki umbrellas was MISSING. I was agog and aghast. Who would do such a thing?! In a frenzy, I questioned my colleagues, but no one recalled witnessing any suspicious activity.


To my immense relief, our world-class Gnome Security Team was here to take the case: Detective MX and Detective MV.





Our heroes began their investigation by questioning a suspect who was on the scene at the time of the theft: AP Gnome. After vehemently denying that he’d even held an umbrella before, AP casually mentioned that he hadn’t seen MS in a few hours. Suspicious. 





After processing the scene, Detective MX surmised that the thief had escaped to somewhere in the community. Perhaps his penchant for umbrellas may tell us something about his chosen hiding place…


If you find him lurking somewhere around here, please comment below  with “I FOUND THE THIEF!” and a link to the post where he’s hiding. The first to comment with the correct link will get their own gnome as a token of appreciation for helping to return the umbrella to its rightful home.


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UPDATE: MS gnome and the umbrella have been found! Thanks @BrechtSchamp. Be sure to subscribe to the announcements board to find out tomorrow's clue!