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[CONTEST CLOSED] A Guest Community Challenge!

Kind of a big deal

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UPDATE: this challenge has ended. Thanks to everyone who submitted their ideas! Our randomly selected winners are: @SeaTec and @r_timmons. Congrats! 



Blake here, giving this month’s Community Challenge!


Here’s the scenario: you’ve been hired by Meraki to develop new features within the dashboard. What features would you add or adjust first?  These can be anything from how the dashboard interacts with Meraki hardware to 3rd party services such as Apple VPP / DEP or even just the admin side of the dashboard i.e. users, licensing or inventory. The cloud’s the limit!


How to enter

Describe a feature or features in the dashboard that you would take in your own direction in a comment on this post before 11 a.m. PST on Friday, December 13th, 2019. Comments will be public throughout the contest.


How to win

There will be two winners for this challenge. Once the submission period ends, we will randomly select 2 winners from all of the respondents. Winners will receive one of these Osprey Ultralight Stuff Packs!






Terms & conditions

  • Limit one entry per community member.
  • Submission period: Tuesday, December 10th, 2019 at 11am PST through Friday, December 13th, 2019 at 10:59am PST
  • Prize will be a selection of Meraki swag with value not exceeding USD 50.00
  • Official terms, conditions, and eligibility information
Building a reputation

If I could get a Change to add a Function to the Dashboard i would add that if you have a MV Camera and a Area of interest it could be used true mqtt so realtime Alerting is possible with Meraki MV Cameras without need of detection of Person!!!


This would be a great step forward to add a simple function all other Camera vendors have by standard.


Regards Michel Rueger


More on the SM side:


Zero-touch deployment, users don't need to authenticate when setting up a computer remotely, they just switch it on for the first time, get notified that this computer gets managed remotely and get taken to the wifi/account creation part of the setup process.

Comes here often


i want to see the cpu of the unit and i reallly want to use api for firmware upgrades

Getting noticed

I know this might be coming already,  but I would love to see a "combined" ACL for VPN and Firewall in the MXs.

That way you would not need to go to multiple pages to do ACLs.


Now that we have the new switch, I would love to see "vrf lite" under "Routing and DHCP" in the switch section.

And then have a nice graphical overview of "vrf routers" next to each other, with attached interfaces and names.

That would look so good and be a super nice feature.

(My ascii skills are unfortunately not good enough to do a drawing 🙂 )


And I would also love to see SSL VPN in AutoVPN instead of IPsec. (Not much of a "Dashboard change" but more of a technical change).




Here to help
A few ideas: 1) Show CDP and LLDP neighbors on the dashboard. I built my own tool for my NOC team: 2) OSPF default information originate, with an option to withdraw the advertisement if both WAN links are down 3) Inbount NAT for VPN and Internet traffic 4) A better implementation of NAT to be applied on both WAN links for internal DMZ with public addressing (now NAT is bound to one WAN only) 5) An option to disable hub to hub tunnels for AutoVPN.
Comes here often

There are already lots of alerts that can be triggered but what is not possible is to set an alert if a backup-internet line goes dead. We have a lot of customers were there are 2 internet lines. should the main line fail, we get an alert; but while the main line is active, there is no indication or alert if the secondary line goes down or is having problems. the way we have to solve it now is by having a device that only uses the backup and if the backup goes down we get an alert from the device.


Also it would be very nice if they added the option to customize the dashboard per organization or even per network. A lot of customers have an IT-manager that has acces to the dashboard of their company. it would be a nice feature if we could show their logo or something on the dashboard, create a custom background,...

Ofcourse these options would not be useful for everyone but these are small additions that would make a very nice product even nicer.

Comes here often
To improve this feature that will love by Meraki/network administrators 1. A Real-time hardware status, alert and or graph statistics such as CPU load, Storage load, Fan 2. A piece of Real-time information for a newly connected client and VPN Status, no waiting for 2 hours to a refresh 3. Real-time bandwidth usage
Head in the Cloud

IPSK without a local RADIUS server 🙂

Comes here often

I have the old one of a real vpn client like anyconnect or make anyconnect avaiable for the meraki cloud




Hello all,


I have two things that are interesting:

Technically, I would like to be able to do more organization wide. For instance, alerts and SSID's.  Now you can only set alerts per network. If you manage several networks you have to make the same configuration for each network. The same for SSID's and Access policies. Please let us be able to get more things centrally managed.


Also Licenses: When a license is activated, the order number is removed from the inventory information. Can this be kept? This would be more easy keeping track of our devices. 


Thanks for your positive response and kudo's.









Getting noticed

Hi, I'd love to see a improvement on the videowalls for the MV Cameras, ideas:


- Hide cameras if the user doesn't has access to it.

- Hide or show Layouts depending the permission of the user

- Access to the videwall "easily" from tv monitors 

- An application for android or apple tv to show the videowalls

- Videowall with cameras from different network




Comes here often

Dear Santa Meraki 

we would like to have a menu under the Camera setting or Network setting where It is possible to set a predefined retention policy of the video recording based on the country regulations

Here to help

Dear Meraki,

I can't begin to tell you how frustrating it is that I can see what port a device is connected to and have a port description in a Meraki MS switch but cannot add a description or see in connected clients any port information on devices connected to MX ports!!  This is frustrating at remote sites when a cable is moved and you have VLANs configured and no way to tell what port it's connected to???   Even just a mac address table identifying the port would be helpful in the MX's!!

Ok. That's my Christmas wish ☃️☃️


Switch Port Templates: it would be great to have specific port settings as a template and to be able to apply that template to selected switch ports, even based on port tags.

Getting noticed

I would build a graphical representation of what's going over the wire at a given moment for the MX devices. Sure, I can look at the packet data, but I'd like to know, at a glance, who's using bandwidth and what sites and or applications are consuming that bandwidth per host in real time or near real time, not just for the last two hours.

Kind of a big deal

A sort of AI that studies/checks your network from the switch, ap, and mx. It will let you know of cable errors, loops, etc. Basically what the Meraki Wireless Health is but fused together with all network hardware. 

Just browsing

As a network consultant who installs/troubleshoots Meraki equipment, it would be very handy to get access to all the logging/debugging. 

Now when a network goes down, you have no insight. If it would be possible to see some more detailed logs on the dashboard, or even better, on the device itself, that would be great!


Also it would be helpful if the dashboards has a faster update period. Here i'm talking about some "error" messages which stay on the dashboard for way longer (sometimes up to an hour) when the issue is already resolved.

Here to help

Something I always thought would be nice to have is that the last known connection port was displayed in the dashboard. 


Say for instance you have an access point.(or any other port connected device) I can go into that access point and see what switch/port it is connected to. If that AP were to go offline or stop responding for whatever, I no longer have that information available to me. Maybe I want to troubleshoot/cable test the port, reset settings, cycle the port, etc, but I do not remember what the reporting port was it was connected to. 


 Seems there should be a way that the dashboard record/report the last known attached switchport for a device after it goes offline. 


Lot of good ideas getting generated in the thread. Keep it up! 

Comes here often


*    Native Multi factor support would be huge for us. 

*    Better MacOs VPN Support. Clients with same subnet have trouble accessing local shares  when client subnet is same as target subnet

Building a reputation

We desperately need more real time data in terms of hardware utilization and client bandwidth consumption on the MX.

Client VPN needs development - maybe SSL VPN option?

SSL packet inspection


*Oh!  And make the "inbound firewall" under site to site VPN ACTUALLY work!  Why is it in the GUI if is non-functional?   (reference note here: