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Announcing the winners of our July Points Contest

Community Manager



It’s the end of our second month-long Points Contest and the results are IN! We were thrilled at how much excitement this contest generated.


During the month of July, you wrote over 3,000 posts, gave each other over 2,700 kudos, and wrote over 100 solutions!


Before I announce the winners, here’s a quick reminder about how the winners were selected:


  • Community members were ranked based on point-earning actions taken in the community: Tier 1 required 30+ points, Tier 2 required 100+ points, and Tier 3 required 200+ points
  • An entry to each Tier gave you a chance to win that Tier’s prize
  • Each time you progressed to a higher tier, your entry also remained in the tier(s) below. This means you were entered to win all 3 Tiers’ prizes, so it’s possible for you to reach Tier 3 and earn Tier 2’s prize
  • Tier 1 earned you 1 entry to win the MV-12 WE, Tier 2 earned you 2 entries, and Tier 3 earned you 3 entries
  • If you are tagged below, you have been randomly drawn to win that Tier's prize so expect to hear from me to confirm your mailing address
  • If your mailing address is not located in our Eligible Countries list, we will not be able to ship to your country

On to the winners! We had over 100 community members qualify to win one or more prizes and over 80 of you were selected!


Tier 1 Winners:




Your prizes!


Cloud Stress RelieverCloud Stress Reliever .                    Webcam CoverWebcam Cover


Tier 2 Winners:



Your prizes!

Cloud Stress RelieverCloud Stress Reliever    Webcam CoverWebcam Cover      Meraki Argyle SocksMeraki Argyle Socks


Tier 3 Winners:



Your prizes!

Cloud Stress RelieverCloud Stress Reliever .                    Webcam CoverWebcam Cover


         Meraki Argyle SocksMeraki Argyle Socks                                                 Meraki Product PinsMeraki Product Pins




Announcing the proud new owner of an MV-12 WE with a 5-year license:

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 4.36.31 PM.png


Congratulations to........





















🏆🤸‍♀️🎥 @Leeham!!!!!!!!!!  🎉 🎉 🎉




Congrats👏 to everyone who participated, we had so much fun watching this contest unfold! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for future contests by subscribing to our contest feed.

Kind of a big deal

Congrats everyone! 

Here to help

Please need your advice, Cisco has made major changes after 20years, which certification will have Cisco Meraki and SD-WAN? Looking forward to take a full course but thas topics mentioned herein. 

Kind of a big deal

You should start a new thread.  This has nothing to do with the winners of the July points contest.


Their are new training courses known as ECMS1 and ECMS2.  These two courses lay the foundation for a new certification called CMSS.

Here to help

Thanks Phillip much appreciated. I will look into it. 

Head in the Cloud

Confirming Meraki swag 😄 🙂 Thanks Meredith 🙂



Here to help

Congratulations to All

and THX a Lot for the Prizes.

i received my and appreciate it.

Thank You Cisco for this opportunity to learn a lot and with fun.6C7DE59C-0090-479F-8890-6D54828A3DD4.jpeg