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Congrats to our July 2019 MOTM winners!

Community Manager

Congratulations to @PhilipDAth for taking back the number 1 spot this month (and for his 23rd MOTM in a row), to @BrechtSchamp (it's MOTM appearance number 7!), to @SoCalRacer (2nd in a row!), and to @jdsilva (14 and counting!)


July 2019 Meraki Community Members of the Month


226 kudos

15 solutions

MOTM score: 256


187 kudos

14 solutions

MOTM score: 215

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 4.45.18 PM.png

112 kudos

7 solutions

MOTM score: 126


118 kudos

3 solutions

MOTM score: 124


(MOTM score = kudos received + 2*solutions authored)


🎉  Congratulations! 🎉



As always, thank you to everyone who participated in July!


Kind of a big deal

Thanks @MeredithW .  Well done everyone!

Kind of a big deal

Whoa.  I just realised I am one month off two years.

Community Manager

Which means the Community’s 2nd birthday is coming up soon! (Aug 21 :))

Kind of a big deal

Congrats guys! 

Kind of a big deal

Wow great job all. And @PhilipDAth you rock man 🤘.

Head in the Cloud

@PhilipDAth is on BeastMode... 😄

Congrats to all others as well! 🙂

Kind of a big deal

Congrats @PhilipDAth @jdsilva @SoCalRacer @BrechtSchamp  🎉🎉🎉🎉

Kind of a big deal

@PhilipDAth Always setting the bar high!


Congrats everyone!🍻

Kind of a big deal

Well done as always everyone! Another good month in the books 🙂

Kind of a big deal

Sweet umbrella. Thanks! It was raining most of yesterday to good timing 🙂Screenshot - DrivewayCam - Aug 12 2019 060616 PM MDT.png




Oh just saw this. (11th November, 2019)