Announcing the winners of our 2022 Points Contest

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It’s the end of our month-long Points Contest and the results are IN! During this contest, you wrote over 3,000 posts, gave each other over 3,000 kudos, and authored over 100 solutions!


Before I announce the winners, here’s a quick reminder about how the winners were selected:


  • Community members were ranked based on point-earning actions taken in the community: Tier 1 required 30+ points, Tier 2 required 100+ points, and Tier 3 required 200+ points
  • An entry to each Tier gave you a chance to win that Tier’s prize
  • Each time you progressed to a higher tier, your entry also remained in the tier(s) below. This means you were entered to win all 3 Tiers’ prizes, so it’s possible for you to reach Tier 3 and earn Tier 2’s prize
  • Tier 1 earned you 1 entry to win the MV32 HW, Tier 2 earned you 2 entries, and Tier 3 earned you 3 entries
  • If you are tagged below, you have been randomly drawn to win that Tier's prize so expect to hear from me to confirm your mailing address
  • Unfortunately, if your mailing address is not located in our Eligible Countries list, we will not be able to ship to your country


And now....on to the winners!


Tier 1 Prize Winners:




Tier 2 Prize Winners:




Tier 3 Prize Winners:




FINALLY, announcing the proud new owner of an MV32 HW with a 5-year license, our grand prize winner is......


🏅🏆🎥 @rhbirkelund!!! 🎉 🎉 🎉


Congrats to everyone who participated! Keep an eye out for an email from me containing your prize info. Don’t forget to subscribe to our contest feed for updates on future contests!

Kind of a big deal

Yeah, thanks a lot for this contest 🙂


Congratulations to all, specially to rbnielsen

Kind of a big deal

Congratulations to all and specially to the tier 3 winners and @rhbirkelund !

Here to help

My name is in winners list but my country India is not in eligieble country list,so how can I get it reward here,if its not possible to ship then is there any substitute option available??


Woo hoo!

Kind of a big deal

Yahoo, baseball cap and jacket. Thank you @MeredithW 

Kind of a big deal

Hell yeah, I so much hoped to get my hands on that jacket! 😍 Thanks so much @MeredithW!


Congrats to each winner, of course especially to @rhbirkelund. Well deserved! 👍

Kind of a big deal

@CptnCrnch  - that’s your Cisco Live outfit sorted

A model citizen

This is awesome. Thank you. Meraki for life.

Kind of a big deal

jacket 😍 @DarrenOC @CptnCrnch 

Kind of a big deal

@DarrenOC I hopefully won't need any kind of jacket in Vegas. 😉

Kind of a big deal

Well done everyone!

Building a reputation

Great Event, thanks @MeredithW 

A model citizen

Cool contest!

Congratulation to everyone and thanks a lot to @MeredithW for all

Kind of a big deal

Woohoo! Awesome! Can't wait to play with my camera! 😄

Congratualtions and thanks to all, and also to @MeredithW 😄

Building a reputation

Whoop socks 🧦:D

Getting noticed

Congratulation for the all winner of each tier, but after i read notifiication that my country is not on eligible sad 


congrats for all

Kind of a big deal

Congrats everyone well done. Nice one @rhbirkelund you will have to provide an update once you have it installed.


Good work everyone

Getting noticed

That was fun, congrats to all of you!

Head in the Cloud

Congratulations for everyone =D

and thank you very much @MeredithW 

Kind of a big deal

Congratulations everyone and especially @rhbirkelund!

Thanks @MeredithW for another great contest.

Head in the Cloud

Nice work everyone! I'll be sporting those new socks and hat with Meraki pride!

Getting noticed

thank you @MeredithW and well done to everyone

Getting noticed

That is so awesome! Congrats everyone!

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Hi all! Just a quick update that not all of the emails to winners have gone out yet due to some issues with our swag distributor. I will update here later this week once all have gone out so you can let me know if you still haven't seen anything. 


Thanks for your patience!

Getting noticed

Congratulations all !

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Hi everybody!


Emails to winners have been sent, so if you haven't seen anything please PM me 🙂 Also, it has come to my attention that some folks are being asked to pay border taxes on their prizes. This is an error and Meraki is absolutely responsible for those fees, so please request from the carrier to have the charges sent back to the sender so we can cover them. If you have any questions, just PM me or reach out to



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