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Points Contest: Week 1 Roundup

Community Manager



We've completed week 1 of our month-long Points Contest and we were very pleased to see how excited everyone is to participate! If you're new to the community and you're looking for a good place to start, check out our "Introduce Yourself" board. Here, you can get your feet wet by chatting with community members new and old, and earn valuable contest points while you're there!


We're also pleased to announce that EVERYONE who achieves any tier during this contest will be granted the coveted Points Contest badge:






Now — on to the scores! 76 of you have qualified for entry to win one of our swanky swag prizes! If you are tagged in any of the tiers below, you’ve achieved entry into both a drawing to win your tier’s prize AND a drawing to win the Grand Prize of an MV32.


Members who reached Tier 1 by achieving 30 points:



Members who reached Tier 2 by achieving 100 points:



Members who reached Tier 3 by achieving 200 points:



Congrats to everyone who has qualified so far. Remember, there are still 25 days left to earn points and increase your chances of winning a prize!

Head in the Cloud

Well done everyone. Happy posting.

Kind of a big deal

Good job everyone!!!! 😎 

Head in the Cloud

Just to clarify....was that an MV for everyone in Tier 3.....? 😂

Building a reputation

Woohoo!  Great community.  Keep up the good work everyone!

Here to help

Great job everyone! Im glad to see so many people participating in the community and also all the new members that are joining!

Here to help

It's nice to see such active participation 🙂

Keep up the great work everyone.

Kind of a big deal

Gotta love this forum! 😍

Here to help

well done 👍, congratulations 

Here to help

Are you staying away from the CV19 15lb?

I will try to post a daily work out

Level -up-upper -boddy.JPG

Building a reputation

Wow, I am very surprised that a made it to Tier 2. Happy posting to all of you! 

Here to help

Good Work !!

Building a reputation

After one week we are already having people in Tier 3.

@MeredithW I think we need more Swag... I mean Tiers here =D

Comes here often

Great job everyone!


Hey, hey, wait for me 🙂


I'm here now! Great job, guys.

Here to help

Great job everyone!


Also: Bask in the splendor of my magnificence!


Well done !


It is great to see participation like this in troubled times.


Perfect !

Here to help

Congrats all!


Great Job Everyone.

Stay at home and keep safe😊

Here to help
good job everyone, more excited about this contest Thanks for meraki for this chance
Getting noticed

Ah missed it, but apart from that, i read more than i post 😞

But still nice these contests ! 👌