Points Contest: Week 2 Roundup

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It’s the end of week 2 of our month-long Points Contest and time for our next Tier update.


If you are tagged in any of the tiers below, you’ve achieved entry into both a drawing to win your tier’s prize AND a drawing to win the Grand Prize of an MV-12.


Members who reached Tier 1 by achieving 30 points:



Members who reached Tier 2 by achieving 100 points:



Members who reached Tier 3 by achieving 200 points:



Congrats to everyone who has qualified so far. Remember, there are still 20 days left to earn points and increase your chances of winning a prize!

Kind of a big deal

Oh good grief me. Just consider every 20 points the result of me getting interrupted at work and having a hard time transitioning back to task.

Here to help

Woot woot, happy weekend all!!!


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Kind of a big deal

Nice. Made it to Tier 3. Super excited.

Kind of a big deal

We should have a Tier 4

Here to help
hi guys, the contest is running well and still 2 weeks left to get some points. Lets push it a little bit more and earn some points. Wish all good luck and thanks again for this oppurtunity!! Best Regards