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All-Star Profiles: ww & PhilipDAth

Community Manager



Today we hear from Meraki Community All-Stars, @ww and @PhilipDAth :


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I've been working with networks for over 10 years and what I like about Meraki is that it's not only easy to configure but above all the insight your customers get in one central dashboard. Through the Meraki community you stay informed about what's going on and it helps get a better understanding of certain challenges when designing a network.





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Let me introduce you to my day.  It started at 1am with a WebEx conference call to Mexico to assist with a Meraki MR change for an hour.  Then 10 minutes of Meraki Community time followed by sleep. At 6:15am I got up to attend a Meraki Distributor presentation 90 minutes drive away.  After that I checked the Meraki Community and did my daily LinkedIn marketing. I responded to emails and then caught a flight to Christchurch (that's in New Zealand).  While waiting for the plane to take off I cleared my emails. I should land at my destination at about 4:30pm and then my final destination is about 60 minutes drive away.  Once I get there I'll liase with the people I'm visiting, have dinner, and then start work for the day.


By the end of this week I would have remotely done jobs in New Zealand, Mexico, United States, Australia and London.  Next week, who knows.


I've been working with Cisco products for around 20 years.  Before that I was an excellent C software engineer. I made a conscious decision to switch from Cisco Enterprise to Cisco Meraki maybe 3 years ago.  New Zealand is mostly comprised of SMBs, and simply put, Cisco Meraki is a better fit.


I have a pool table in my lounge and I like to use it 2 or 3 times a week playing friends or my children.


My favourite TV program is The Simpsons.


I look forward to sleep..



For a look at Nick and SoCalRacer's background, check out their Member Spotlight features from earlier this year!



Kind of a big deal

@ww & @PhilipDAth Robot wink the spotlight is on yall today.

Kind of a big deal

@ww gonna call you rocket mean from now on!


@PhilipDAth that's an awful lot of traveling in the Meraki world. So tequila to keep you awake 😉? I'm sure at some point you replaced yourself by code at some point. A tequila drinking robot. A bit like Bender 🤖.

Building a reputation

remote traveler. I love it! My favorite part of my job is the travel and Meraki equipment!