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Points Contest: Week 2 Roundup

Community Manager



Well, we're already halfway through our month-long Points Contest!


If you are tagged in any of the tiers below, you’ve achieved entry into both a drawing to win your tier’s prize AND a drawing to win the Grand Prize of an MV-12.


Members who reached Tier 1 by achieving 30 points:



Members who reached Tier 2 by achieving 100 points:



Members who reached Tier 3 by achieving 200 points:



Congrats to everyone who has qualified or moved up a tier — we've more than doubled the number of entrants since last week!

Getting noticed

lets grow up this numbers fellows

Here to help

Woohoo! I made it to tier 1

A model citizen

Well done all. Congrats Smiley Very Happy

Head in the Cloud

Smiley Happy Awesome everyone. Lets keep it up.

Kind of a big deal

The community is exploding (in the nicest possible way)!

Kind of a big deal

+7 points to everyone above this post ^^


Smiley Happy

Head in the Cloud

Yeah really nice! Hopefully all will go on like this after the contest Smiley Wink

Getting noticed

damn, tier 2, need more goodness

Here to help

I am egg-static! Smiley Tongue

Getting noticed

How good would it be if someone gave me a kudo for this pointless, yet kudo attention seeking comment?

Here to help

@Priesty  , well played Smiley Very Happy


We are go to Run.....