[CONTEST CLOSED] It’s virtually an egg hunt!

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We’re feeling egg-static about our latest Community contest — a virtual Easter Egg Hunt!



Our gnomes have been gleefully scattering Easter eggs around the community and it’s up to you to find them. Simply be the first to reply to a post containing an Easter egg with “EGG FOUND!” and we’ll exchange that egg for an eggs-uisite Meraki gnome.


The eggs you’ll be hunting are these beauties below:12_55_11.jpg

Each egg-finder will win a gnome of their very own:


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Your first clue:


This egg can be found in a W-himsical LANd of great import,

Where one fellow asks "how many devices can one truly support?"


Egg one has been found by @VincentPanico! Congrats Vincent, everyone stayed tuned for our next clue tomorrow. Looks like we'll need to make this next one a bit more difficult 🙂


Your second clue: 


Our next egg is hidden in a place most secure and tall,
Where beginners can learn the ways of the great burning wall


Egg two has been found by @JimL ! Congrats Jim, everyone stayed tuned for our next clue tomorrow. Expect a new time and increased difficulty!


Your third clue: 


Our third egg was pitched, by a witch, to a ditch,
Within which a new VLAN hitch, it appears, is the sitch’


Egg three has been found by @vassallon, congrats!  Everyone stayed tuned for our FINAL clue tomorrow.


Your fourth clue: 


Our final egg waits
It will take thirty sunsets
They’re 4 film…haiku!


Egg four has been found by @Hashtag! Thanks to everyone who joined the hunt and congratulations to all of our gnome winners! 


🐇Grab your baskets and happy hunting!🐇


The fine print: