Announcing the winners of our April Points Contest

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It’s the end of our first month-long Points Contest and the results are IN! We were thrilled at how much excitement this contest generated. During the month of April, you wrote over 3,000 posts, gave each other over 2,700 kudos, and wrote over 100 solutions, setting new community records!


Before I announce the winners, here’s a quick reminder about how the winners were selected:


  • Community members were ranked based on point-earning actions taken in the community: Tier 1 required 30+ points, Tier 2 required 100+ points, and Tier 3 required 200+ points
  • An entry to each Tier gave you a chance to win that Tier’s prize
  • Each time you progressed to a higher tier, your entry also remained in the tier(s) below. This means you were entered to win all 3 Tiers’ prizes, so it’s possible for you to reach Tier 3 and earn Tier 2’s prize
  • Tier 1 earned you 1 entry to win the MV-12 WE, Tier 2 earned you 2 entries, and Tier 3 earned you 3 entries
  • If you are tagged below, you have been randomly drawn to win that Tier's prize so expect to hear from me to confirm your mailing address
  • If your mailing address is not located in our Eligible Countries list, we will not be able to ship to your country

On to the winners! We had over 250 community members qualify to win one or more prizes and over 80 of you were selected!


Tier 1 Winners:



Your prize!

"I Speak Meraki" pin"I Speak Meraki" pin


Tier 2 Winners:



Your prizes!

"I Speak Meraki" pin"I Speak Meraki" pin Meraki thermal bottleMeraki thermal bottle


Tier 3 Winners:



Your prizes!

Meraki drawstring backpackMeraki drawstring backpack       "I Speak Meraki" pin"I Speak Meraki" pin       Meraki thermal water bottleMeraki thermal water bottle












Announcing the proud new owner of an MV-12 WE with a 5-year license…….















Our grandest of prizes…….












(It looks like thisScreen Shot 2019-03-25 at 4.36.31 PM.png)
















And the winner of that beautiful grand prize is………














🏆🤸‍♀️🎥   @JimL !!!!!!!!!!  🎉 🎉 🎉




Congrats👏 to everyone who participated, we had so much fun watching this contest unfold! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for future contests by subscribing to our contest feed.

Kind of a big deal

Woohoo congrats @JimL !!


I'm jealous 😞

A model citizen

YA i won!!!!

Kind of a big deal

Congrats to everyone who won, and props to everyone who participated. We sure saw a lot of activity during this contest 🙂


Thanks also to @MeredithW for all the work running the contest. That's A LOT of addresses to confirm and packages to pack up and ship out! You have your work cut out for you now 🙂

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

congratz to all winners and ofc to @JimL 

Kind of a big deal

Nice!!! Congrats @JimL and EVERYONE who participated. Man Very Happy Huge thanks to @MeredithW for the contest.

Kind of a big deal

Well done @JimL  and everyone else how managed to score some loot.

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Yay!! Congrats to @JimL !

Getting noticed

Well Done Everyone!!!!!

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Hi everyone, 


Well done everyone, I see that there is more about learning as well. Of course, it is always good to win something. But learning is a very precious thing as compared to many gifts. 🙂


I hope also that we will have also a chance to participate in such activities in future too. Thanks for spreading the knowledge. 



Kind of a big deal

Well done to everyone, congrats to JimL, and Thanks to @MeredithW for making this kind of Contests 🙂


Edit: Forgot you @CarolineS , thanks to you as well, for sure 😉

Community will, for sure, stay even more active after this contest.

Kind of a big deal

Congrats to all those that won!

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I am completely humbled. I was still high on winning a gnome! 

Kind of a big deal

Congratulations all! We all were busy bees indeed!


Thanks @MeredithW and @CarolineS , tremendous work!

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

To all of those who qualified - check out your profile pages to see your shiny new contest badge🏅!!

Kind of a big deal


Kind of a big deal

I misread the heading to say:

Announcing the winners of our April Fools Contest

Head in the Cloud

Congratulations everyone taking part. Participation has certainly risen! 


Big thank you to Meraki and @MeredithW for putting on this event, it’s been enjoyable to watch it unfold! There is a lot of admin involved in sending everything out it and organising it all! 


Well done @JimL you are the one 😁

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Congrats to all 🙂

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I'm somewhat surprised about winning anything.


Congrats to all who won anything and thank's for the additional responses from those who don't post too often (some of those have been quite useful.)


Also lots of thanks to the Meraki folks too.

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Congrats to @JimL - have fun monitoring your castle!


I'll admit the contest was an incentive to get back on the forum; we're just so busy here that its hard to try keeping up.


How are everyones' new year resolutions coming?   Mine are mostly being deferred again under the press of work...





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Oh what, I am  a winner! Woohoo!

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hahaha! Nice!! 

Kind of a big deal

Thanks again to @MeredithW @CarolineS for making these kind of events!


And Thanks for the prices 🙂 Very cool!



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Ouch! ;/
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well done to all the winners.

unfortunately, i was not a winner but better luck next time


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Meraki am Arbeitsplatz.jpg

Meredith, thank you. You made my day!

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Well that was quick, the swag turned up this morning and I only confirmed the address on Thursday morning.


Thought I would set the new toys on an already crowded desk and take a photo in thanks.Water Bottle2.jpg


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Very cool Swag! Thanks Meraki!