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Announcing the winners of our April Points Contest

Community Manager



It’s the end of our month-long Points Contest and the results are IN! We were so glad to see how many of you enjoyed spending some time here and earning points. During this contest, you wrote over 3,000 posts, gave each other over 4,000 kudos, and authored over 100 solutions!


Before I announce the winners, here’s a quick reminder about how the winners were selected:


  • Community members were ranked based on point-earning actions taken in the community: Tier 1 required 30+ points, Tier 2 required 100+ points, and Tier 3 required 200+ points
  • An entry to each Tier gave you a chance to win that Tier’s prize
  • Each time you progressed to a higher tier, your entry also remained in the tier(s) below. This means you were entered to win all 3 Tiers’ prizes, so it’s possible for you to reach Tier 3 and earn Tier 2’s prize
  • Tier 1 earned you 1 entry to win the MV32 HW, Tier 2 earned you 2 entries, and Tier 3 earned you 3 entries
  • If you are tagged below, you have been randomly drawn to win that Tier's prize so expect to hear from me to confirm your mailing address (please note that there will be a delay in shipment due to shelter-in-place limitations)
  • If your mailing address is not located in our Eligible Countries list, we will not be able to ship to your country


And now....on to the winners!


Tier 1 Winners:



Tier 2 Winners:



Tier 3 Winners:



FINALLY, announcing the proud new owner of an MV32 HW with a 5-year license, our grand prize winner is......


🏅🏆🎥 @PacerX!!! 🎉 🎉 🎉




Congrats👏 to everyone who participated, we had so much fun with this one! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for future contests by subscribing to our contest feed.

Getting noticed

Ah, the melancholy of not winning,  and yet not really losing because in the pursuit of points we found the information to make our customers with Sonos speakers much much happier and got some great ideas for fun SSID names!


Thanks @MeredithW 


And congrats, @PacerX 

Community Manager

To all the winners: I will reach out via email to confirm your shipping address!

Here to help

Congrats everyone!

Special congrats to @PacerX for the Grand Prize.


Also, thank you @MeredithW and Meraki for holding this fun drawing.

Getting noticed

I won the socks!!! 😄  thanks @MeredithW 



Congrats @PacerX !!! 

Here to help

Congratulations all..💐💐🥂

Here to help

Felicitaciones @PacerX  y muchas gracias por la buena onda y profesionalismo de esta comunidad @MeredithW !!


Gracias !

Getting noticed

@MeredithW looking forward to your message regarding the shipment address verification. 😄 

Here to help

@MeredithW I don't live in any of the eligible countries so I won't be able to get my prize, unfortunately......😣

Getting noticed

@MeredithW  Thanx for a wonderfull initiative !! Attention and entertainment in one 😀 Very well done !! That is what makes me come back ..
These things, and the community feeling of helpfullness and sharing .. !! Great Stuff!


@PacerX: Congrats with the great prize ! Please dump some pics of the deployment ! I'm sure it can be a lot of fun placed in creative ways ..
Looking out for the horses at the farm .. Overviewing the sweet-stash at the office .. monitoring the coffe levels / heat mapping it ..

Maybe even some creative API stuff ?


Thanx for loads of fun !!


Building a reputation

Great comp. again and enjoyed seeing all the extra posts and banta - certainly we have a great community and compared to the equivalent SonicWall and Forthnet, its an actual pleasure being a part of this group.


@Meraki and @MeredithW  great effort and thanks



Getting noticed

@Thygesen Actually I was debating setting it up in my moped shop. Not sure if anyone would be interested in watching mopeds being worked on or not. Funny that you mention horses though. The maker of my brand of mopeds used a horse logo for the branding. 😄 I am just excited to get it and try it out. I think working with it will help me decide where it will end up. 

Getting noticed

@PacerXIs that MC or Moped ?
Mustang by any chance ?

I will look forward to se how it works out for You ..
It's brilliant that we get to spend time with the equipment in a non-stressed environment.. lot's more fun ..


With highest regards



Getting noticed

@Thygesen Moped = Motor + Pedals. They are like a motorized bicycle but built stronger than a bicycle. Mine are a vintage (1976-80) brand called Pacer which is where I got my user name from. I have a total of 7 bikes that I work on as well as help others with their bikes. Its a great hobby to get your mind off of tech for a bit 😄 



Here to help

WOW - I think I may have won something. Only took 50 + years to become a winner. LOL



Here to help

 Congrats @PacerX  on winning the MV32 HW with a 5-year license and thanks @MeredithW for the great contest..