Strange wireless clients

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Strange wireless clients

Hi all. Sorry if this issue was discussed before, but i couldn't find any related topic.


We have noticed that there are lots of strange clients in wireless Clients list. They are not trying to get IP address, authenticate or send any traffic, just appearing in client list every day. Most of them are in disconnected state. Their MAC address is very similar to access-point's MAC address: first 8 symbols of their address are the last 8 symbols of access-point's MAC addresses.

For example: we have access points with MAC address 98:18:xx:xx:xx:xx, and some such clients have MAC addresses xx:xx:xx:xx:yy:yy

Even if we forget this clients, they appear the next day. Screenshot with such clients:




Has anyone faced the same?


Thanks in advance. 

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This looks like the iOS 14 private address. Are all the clients iPhones or iPads?


You can turn this off on a per SSID basis:

I don't think its private random MAC addressing.


If a MAC address second character is a 2, 6, A, or E, then it is a randomized address, and those are all 8

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All their MAC addresses start with the same 4 symbols. I think they are generated with the same logic. Maybe access-points somehow trying to connect to each other, but I'm not aware of such technology. 



There is no any information about these clients, like OS or something. They are not trying to get IP or send any traffic, just appearing in clients list. Doesn't seem like Apple devices. 

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