MR52 Access piont


MR52 Access piont

We recently purchased 8 Meraki MR52 APs I was not in on the procurement but have to implement the install. From the datasheet on the AP it looks to be pretty robust are there many people deploying these APs in the field? Any advise on deployment ?
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Make sure you are deploying 2x Ethernet cables to it for maximum throughput.

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Run around with a laptop and ekahau and map out your area first so you dont have black spots

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Hey  @Sham21,per @BHC_RESORTS comments around link aggregation, below is a link to an excellent document outlining the process for bonding multiple ethernet ports:


If you plan on using a single ethernet run, leveraging PoE, make sure you choose the port designated as the primary PoE Uplink (this should be the port closest to the AC power input. Note: you must use 802.3at, otherwise you risk seeing throttled performance due to power requirements.


In terms of placement, a site survey is certainly the best option for site planning, per @Fruju comments. In addition, we can set our tx power settings and channel planning to auto and the AP's will self optimize based on wireless landscape. Below is the full deployment guide for your reference.




Thanks CJ for the links as well as @BHC_RESORTS and @Fruju for your advice I think the deployment should go well I have been trying to bone up on my overall wireless knowedlege and the Meraki wireless products as well 

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I've deployed these, but would suggest that you get a professional wireless site survey performed.  This will help you identify the optimum placement of the AP;s and save you problems further down the line.


Thank you for the feedback I was provided a site survey by the customer, it was not very informative I plan  on running a survey myself 

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