Incorrect Enrollment Date

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Incorrect Enrollment Date

We've enrolled over 6,000 iPads since August and not a single one has the correct enrollment date in the Client List. Nearly all of them have March 21, 2017 as the enrollment date.  If I click on the details of the device, most reflect the correct date there but that's not really helpful. I was told months ago that this was "just an aesthetic issue" however it's never been addressed or corrected. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

6,000 - that is impressive!  Well done.


I can see why Meraki might not be moving on this very quickly.  What impact does having the incorrect enrolment date actually cause?

At the time we were enrolling it would have been super helpful for inventory and accounting purposes. Our administrators were asking how many were enrolled at a particular deployment and all I could say is, "I don't have a way of knowing that."  It just bugs me that it's not right and we're on the enterprise version. If we were getting this for free it would be different.

Kind of a big deal

I have also seen this. 

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