Social Logins for Guest Networks

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Social Logins for Guest Networks

Please, can you add Facebook check-in for guest networks?


Would also be good to collect other social media info (twitter, linked in)

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I would like to +1 this request please, with the addition of an option for a guest to login using their email address if they don't use social networks.


I think having guests checking in/logging in would also be useful for traceability if it is found that someone has been abusing the guest network.


We use a separate AP for this at the moment called Guest Internet but it would be great to have it integrated on the Meraki Go APs instead.

Am genuinely surprised that this isn't already there!


The enterprise grade AP's already have the feature, so you'd think something targeted at small businesses would have this as standard!

Getting noticed

Facebook logon for a SMB would be very useful. 

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Very popular in other countries are Instagram and WhatsApp .... so pls add as well


yes please add

social login

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