Meraki Go product lines

Getting noticed

Meraki Go product lines

Is there any chance Meraki will expand it's Go product line to include security cameras?

Getting noticed

Hi @Karl_Jacobsen -


While Cisco Meraki does not share roadmap or future plans, I did notice a security camera conspicuously prominent in the new Meraki Go YouTube video. It looks a lot like the MV12, though, so I'm not sure. Other than a camera, what other features/products would you like to see in Meraki Go?



Access switches and small UTM:s would be useful additions together with cameras.

Head in the Cloud

I have a client that would be a perfect match for a Meraki Go Camera.


They currently have one Insteon camera and controller.  They want to be able to view the camera  which means punching a hole in the firewall.  I told them that that was a big security risk and another solution would be better 


Insteon has gotten out of the camera business, so they need a new Vendor.

Dave Anderson