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SM seatCount

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What is the implication or usages of SM Seat count? For example, if I have 100 SM licenses and assign 10 seat counts to network ABC; does it mean I can't have more than 10 "managed" SM devices under that network?  What will happen if "seatCount" is null?


Getting the following payload if I call "" API for PDL license:


    "id": "6111111111111111111113",
    "licenseType": "SM",
    "licenseKey": null,
    "orderNumber": null,
    "deviceSerial": "",
    "networkId": "L_6111111111111111111113",
    "state": "active",
    "seatCount": 20,
    "durationInDays": null,
    "totalDurationInDays": null,
    "permanentlyQueuedLicenses": [],
    "claimDate": "2020-05-13T06:46:18Z",
    "activationDate": "2020-06-25T13:10:12Z",
    "expirationDate": "2021-06-25T13:10:12Z"


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You can't assign a number of licences to a specific Systems Manager network.


The sum of all Systems Manager licences across all the networks can not exceed the quantity purchased.

Thanks, @PhilipDAth. Make sense. But a bit confused with the following API:!assign-organization-licenses-seats


Description: Assign SM seats to a network. This will increase the managed SM device limit of the network


What would be the use case for the API?




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