[CONTEST CLOSED] Wi-Fi 6: tell us your hopes and dreams!

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With the arrival of the next generation of Wi-Fi comes a whole host of new possibilities for your network. You can check @davidvan’s recent blog post for just a few examples!


So, whether it’s the ability to significantly increase the density of clients per network or having the confidence to invite all of those clients to stream Netflix with abandon, we want to know — what are you most excited/hopeful for with the launch of Wi-Fi 6?


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Tell us your Wi-Fi 6 hopes and dreams in a comment on this blog post before 12:00pm PST on Monday (June 3).


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We'll select two entries at random to win a Cisco Meraki Glass Water Bottle.




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Working in the hospitality field I'm looking forward to the better integration with IOT.. we have been already playing around with Alexa for hospitality and can't wait to see how WIFI 6 can help change the game.

Kind of a big deal

OFDMA is exciting and the performance capabilities with increased devices on the network looks to be very appealing. Also excited to see the help on device's battery performance with TWT (Target Wake Time).

Kind of a big deal

Greater stability of WiFi connections.  I like having less calls about people having problems.

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I started my networking experience in a 5 star resort. There we hand Unifi... and we had a bad time. I have since left and Unifi... well they are still having a bad time. BUT! At my new position we are re-designing HQ as we are moving. Turns out there will be 4 large conference rooms and one training room in what used to be an auditorium. And I got the OK for MR55 in each one. I am really excited to not have nightmares the night before events about APs being over loaded. About us putting to many to try and counter act that which does nothing but make the radio strength weaker. No more worrying about having a Cat5 cable somehow hid and ran to podium "just in case" even though every time was a "Just in Case" situation. Now just sit back and be worry free as 100+ employees surf Facebook during a company meeting and no-one comes to me after complaining about wifi being bad. Truly good times ahead.

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I might finally let users stream spotify at work.... maybe!

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Hoping for a platform that will provide a stable solution for both new and existing wireless devices so we can implement WiFi 6 without degrading the older clients

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Working in healthcare, we have a lot of potential interference (with radiology machines, microwaves, etc.), and am really looking forward to BSS Coloring capabilities.  Also, I am looking forward to bidirectional traffic capabilities.  We have software that is so reliant on a wireless connection, and will hopefully provide "as good as wired" assurance which our current wireless standards are unable to do.  

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My wish:

quickly be aligned with Cisco portfolio already having the 9115AXE to solve very high-density challenges with a new MR55E with external antennas...

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more security! more speed ! and no weak signal! 🙂  

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cover bigger areas to less price and optimize the current infrastructure


Multigigabit Ethernet for up to 5 Gbps over a single existing cable - Not being able to deploy 10Gig switches from core to edge the ability to make the most of every connection - multigig on edge and then single uplink of 10 Gbs or more to core.

Blow past the 1Gb limit from AP to edge switch and then next hop to make the network responsive, despite the latency due to distance from AP to gateway.


With the advent of IOT comes vulnerability and a wider vector for attack. WiFi 6 will hopefully increase the security of devices connected with WPA3.

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Esperando tener la conexión mas estable conocida para reducir los llamados a la mesa de ayuda y con los productos Meraki tener la mejor velocidad y rendimiento del internet

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I'm looking forward to placing even my most demanding bandwidth users into a wireless only office design. The potential cost savings in reduced structured cabling is staggering!


My Hope for Wi-Fi6:

I hope to see enough throughput to make wireless transport of physical objects a reality in my lifetime.

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Greater stability and biggest cover Area of WiFi connections

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My hope is for Australians having to say WiFi 6 on a daily basis to Americans.

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Streaming videos in 4K on wireless with low latency Robot LOL


Definitely excited for the increased performance in environments with multiple connected devices

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With the recent push I've seen of more and more customers wanting wireless-only in their offices to support users, this goes a long way in having confidence designing those deployments specifically with high client densities.

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Below are my exception from WIFi 6


  • Longer Battery Life
  • Better Performance in Crowded Areas
  • More secure
  • use your WiFi by logging to meraki portal from any were
  • meraki Wifi for home as well not only for business
  • smart device charging option
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For me, the Wi-Fi 6 is like a 6-speed for the cars. This means low power/gasoline consumption and more speed.


PS: Another additional feature to the Wi-Fi 6 technology like "Power over Wi-Fi 6" could not be bad. Smiley Wink


In Mexico, what we expect from this new standard is that we achieve better coverage of user density and have the best speeds. especially in very dense areas such as stadiums and entertainment centers. Especially at the Azteca stadium where we could have an opportunity to work with MERAKI in an ambitious coverage and mobility project for the more than 80,000 spectators in a match.

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I wish to have major Per-MAC address policies so i can go to my favorite place on Friday afternoons and ask for the WiFi password (wich is always the same, 'youhavetobuyabeerfirst'), buy a beer and ask for the password, same answer!

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As much as I hate to say it, a lot of the benefits will not apply to my current workplace. We don't service many people and even if we did the traffic exits to the internet meaning the AP's will carry far more than our data pipe. I'm hoping the new 2.4Ghz will help clean up the spectrum and limit interference and saturation as that's something I currently see. 802.11ax Opportunistic Wireless Encryption does seem promising though.


I wish to have:


1. Wifi 6 should have built in smart analytics features for marketing purpose instead in relying on 3rd party vendors like IQwifi or Ant lab. 


2. It should also have a feature to track assets in a map within its range if we use beacons sensors. I.e IT equipment or any imp item that any management want to track.


3. It should also have option to jam others unwanted frequencies to prevent intervention or vulnerable penetration from unknown source  within office premises or wifi range.



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I hope that with WiFi 6 we are able to improve the seamless connectivity between physical spaces and digital spaces so we can enhance our engagement, experience and appreciation for the places we go in the world.   

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We have entered into the 5G LTE network era. If we can implement secure wireless network with high bandwidth, that would be a strength.

I would love to become an Expert in this product or area.


Wireless Desktop. Definitely want to see wireless desktop


Higher client density, lower AP density! 

Kind of a big deal

More throughput!!!!!


The only issue what that is the increased costs as WAP now requires switches with 10Gbe ports.

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My hope and wish are to see the more scalability and efficiency in this version. My big wish will be to see more security and speed. 🙂

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This could be the next IPv6!!!  If you didn't pick up on my cacophony of sarcasm, there, allow me to elaborate.


Every one of us knows the benefits of BSF (Better, Stronger, Faster) but are they really (better, that is)?  Betamax was a far (and I mean WAYYYYY far) superior technology to VHS but where do you see Betamax players these days except museums and scrap heaps? 


Mac has always been a superior operating system compared to Windows but which manufacturer holds the greater market share? 


What about IPv6 as I mentioned?  Superior to v4?  Absolutely!  I did the math and figured out that, if it was possible, every person on the planet could have an IPv6 address assigned to each individual cell in their body...and there would STILL be billions of addresses left.  But where is v6 now?  Really, nowhere.  v4 is still sucking wind and still not wanting to die.  Sure there were some early adopters who are reaping the benefits of low address ranges but it never quite caught on the way, I think, ICANN wanted.  And don't get me started on routing.


My point is that in some cases, superior technology doesn't get adopted, at least not in the throng of pomp and circumstance that the originators hope for.  I like the fact that WiFi6 promises fewer bottlenecks and increased individual user performance compared to v5.  I like the fact that it tells your radio to shut up when it's not needed, thereby increasing battery life.  I like all of these things but unlike those early pioneers, I'll shift into "wait-n-see" mode and then gingerly step over the arrow-ridden corpses once the dust has settled.  Morbid, I know but I have no urge to go after the "bleeding edge".  My hat is off to those who do!


Whoohoo surfing through space on a wifi6 board! I like the waves already. 😃


Encryption for open WiFi! It's about time! go go OWE!

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I hope for fewer AP's, more robust density, and more stability for wireless peripherals in the hospitality industry. Wireless printers for kitchens, POS systems, Streaming TV, Reservation Systems, and VOIP.

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Curious to see how it will affect the amount of AP deployed in a high-density environment. Also want to see how BSS Coloring is going to be utilized by the different manufacturers. Most of the explanations aren't satisfying.

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To be able to service pension home and campus in wifi6 😛


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Required WPA3 will be nice!

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WiFi 6 is the first major technology upgrade for wifi since .11n. It will change the way we transact business over RF by taking an antiquated modulation and timing technology and transitioning to a cellular grade network offering exponentially more bandwidth and reliability and empowering next generation solutions like virtual and augmented reality.


Just watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftrZM3znTQ4&t=159s, seems very interesting and exciting new Wireless functionality!


Also looking forward to how this technology will handle attenuation.

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Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 networks enable lower battery consumption in devices, making it a solid choice for any environment, including smart home and Internet of Things (IoT) uses. Key benefits of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED technology include: Higher data rates. Increased capacity.
It is now a wireless-first world.” 


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One of my biggest accounts is a shared workspace with multiple locations. Just having the peace of mind  that so many simultaneous clients under multiple platforms can live peacefully streaming, cloud syncing or just browsing the internet without latency issues or complains it will just make my life easier. 

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Triple S - Better Speed, Stability, and Security!


Wi-FI6 will give the ability to companies to use high density with high speed and better coverage. Looking to implement it soon.


The arrival of newer technology is always a better welcome. If it can make life easier and more watch time is much better. If it can improve gaming and user experience to a newer level and reduce downtime from clients are the best thing you can do for the end users.

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I hope for rapid adoption by device manufacturers (looking at you Apple) so that we can actually realize the benefits of .ax!

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Upgrading the backend infrastructure. So what would be awesome is 10G copper with POE. Never seen that. Maybe we will?


Also, drinking from that bottle while moving files super quick via Wi-Fi 6 🙂


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I'm curious to test WiFi 6 and its new Bands (1-2,4-5-6) =  More Spectrum = More Channels = More Comm Routes = More Data = Better Performance

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I guess the wifi is something that trend to be pervasive, but is limited by the cost. The deployment of IoT is a factor that enforce this theory; mobility into the enterprise is the other one. I guess today Meraki should have an option for very cheap AP's that can be almost a repeater for the transit areas, rest rooms, extense areas, etc. , in other word, not important areas and places but that signific dark areas for the mobility. My idea is small battery AP, meshed, that wont process information, only will forward it; and (of course) cheap.

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Menos consumo de energía de los dispositivos conectados.

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Better performance on sensitive traffic such us ToIP on wifi netw

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Better performance on sensitive traffic such as ToIP on wifi netw

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Looking forward to longer battery life & better performance in congested areas.

Stability and simplicity Keeping it short at sweet!
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The performance improvements are great, but the best thing is the naming convention change to help make it simpler to explain. 802.11ax is now simply called Wi-Fi 6. 802.11ac has been retroactively named Wi-Fi 5.
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Obtener mayor seguridad en la red con WPA3, wifi 6 . 802.11ax revolucionara el mundo de las Conexiones de red


With WiFi 6 we will have greater transmission capacity for clients in video and voice, we can have integrations of IoT, Marketing much more fruity and with greater density of users all this thanks to Cisco Meraki, where in my country Colombia and in the world we will continue demonstrating why #Meraki is a great opportunity to manage your network from anywhere in the world, fast, easy and interactive implementations.


We are Cisco

Meraki.pngmeraki 2.pngmeraki 3.png

Kind of a big deal

I heard that WiFi6 will make me stronger, better looking, and lose weight.


WiFi6 will make my car go faster, on less gasoline. Wifi6 will also lower my insurance payments.

Wifi6 is also going to deliver employment for the unemployed, homes for the homeless, and food for the hungry. 


Wifi6 will carry the first human to Mars. Wifi6 will succeed in achieving nuclear fusion. 


Wifi6 is better than 5G.


But most importantly, Wifi6 is on a horse!



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I hope to see that site surveys are a breeze and the new api for Augmented Reality goggles lets me see coverage, interference and security risks. Lets color code the APs and their associated clients while we’re at it. No more stickers indicating where APs are hidden in the ceilings.

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First a fall Thanks and All the best for this start. Hope Cisco will develop a best Wifi. We are exciting to see that all users can do Netflix and also the video conferencing like as same performance as wired provide. Then we can say that really it was good innovation according to today demand.


Advanced technology has pros and cons. Suggest that always consider a technology where users are always on top priority by able to provide friendly users interface. Also, i had a high hopes that this WIFI6 innovation could improve users connectivity, seamless connection, range broadcast and improved security along with added features, license restrictions and coverage.


Note: also add unique hardware design 😊

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Most excited about the conserved battery use with connected devices and improved availability of a connection.  

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Definitely interested to see the enhanced IoT benefits and how effective BSS coloring will be in practice with a wide range of devices/clients

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I hope: --Super Throughput (Gigas). --A lot of channels. --Compatibility with all Devices. --Scope in more extensive areas. --Stability with connection.
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The speed! All the speed! I might consider dropping my wired network in many cases if I can get even 1G speeds consistently over wifi. With the specs showing 10G, my hopes are high. 

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I am looking forward to the advantages Wifi 6 will provide for our multi tenant sites.

I am most excited about the higher per capita speeds as more clients choose to move to fully wireless networks.

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I can't wait to see Wifi 6 enable users and technologists across multiple industry verticals to ride the a new wave of IoT and edge computing capabilities.


I am already waxing my surfboard


cisco surfboard.jpg


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My wish for WiFi 6 is to be able to provide the best possible WiFi experience to my customers regardless of the content that they want to consume over the network. I want to be able to tell my customers that the only limiting factor on their WiFi network is their imagination.  

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Always want to mitigate cable connection from office and with WiFi 6 i feel i will be able to do. i Hope WiFi 6 offer best in class user experience with stability and performance.



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Density....User capacity....reliability....Performance...etc...all these words are very friendly with us which we always encounter in our daily wireless life.

2:2 MiMo...3:3 MiMo...4:4 MiMo...how beautiful growth......:D

Now....WiFi 6...another beautiful technology....8:8 MiMo....can't wait to use WiFi 6....can't wait to give solution to our value customer with WiFi 6.... 🙂  

  •  Multi-gigabit Ethernet support
  • Rugged and more stable
  • More visibility & security
  • Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA)


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Higher Capacity, Faster Speed, and More Efficiency
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As one of the top distributor here in PH, it is a good time for us especially Meraki is so hot in here. Wifi6 is a must and a good technology to leverage every company requirements

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The visibility it provides without having to add extra boxes in your network is what makes it above par than others.

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Using Wifi to become the new access. This means higher user density on same AP, less issues with RF and better integration of client hardware. Wireless health to be even more granular for making troubleshooting and identifying client issues an easy go.


Get away from the backwards compatibility, most of the time it is like driving a Panigale on a running trail.


On the Customer side I hope the understanding of fact that if AP is the new Access layer the Switches become the distribution layer and needs more uplink bandwith. Investing in infrastructure cabling for APs and switches to gain more flexibility for the users.



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I hope that wifi 6 will become synonymous in the world with how to finally "virtualize cables" !!!!!!!

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Greater stability and bigger coverage area for WiFi connections

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I am really looking forward to see the performance and latency improvements of MU-MIMO in BOTH directions.


Also the OFDM Feature and Spatial frequency reuse  is reeeeeeaaaly hot!!!

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More and more mobile phones use voice over wifi. With the introduction of wifi 6 I hope for a better performance and longer battery life

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Its exciting to see how bandwidth usage will hike and how service providers/ISP's will cope with the bandwidth demands on new Wi-Fi 6.

Hopefully it will work fast and stable and I won't hear that clients have problems while videoconferencing!
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New technologies, greater density + throughput --> greater service! That's what it's about it at the end of the day. Enabling users to do what they need to do and what they want to do without restrictions imposed by the technology.
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smooth connection of any client especially IOT or BYOD in a secure isolated way without a lot of overhead hassle with certificated roll-out etc.
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...in SMB context, i hope to reduce repeaters and AP, more performance and stability for all devices, less helpdesk and support… enable IoT benefits
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I am looking forward to greater integration with IoT devices in the world of VR whether it be in Home (Gaming & Media) or the business applications, Wi-Fi 6 with better efficiency for wireless channels and speed for high bandwidth applications for rich media content. very exciting times, especially with VR going wireless and 4K.

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I hope for a better Voice over Wireless Experience (Collaboration).

And I hope that Wifi 6 will save its place in world where 5G exists... because I want to keep my job Smiley Wink 


Looking forward to test it out and see its performance in VoIP and cloud based applications like virtual desktops and SaaS 

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Bandwidth , Security and Stability

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Super fast connections for our users! Robot Very Happy

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Moore's law please, twice as big, twice as fast; but with the stability we've come to rely on!


Working in the hospitality field


I'm looking forward to the better integration with IOT and better CCI 

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Anyone else get that horrible feeling like when you've just spent a fortune on Home Theatre only to find out 8K Atmos DTX is what you should have waited for.... you fool.

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I would like to be able to share the Wi-fi password from my phone (already connected to a network) to my friend's phone (for example) with just one click