Congrats to our May 2019 MOTM winners!

Community Manager

Congratulations to @PhilipDAth (for his 21st straight MOTM appearance), @jdsilva (12th MOTM in a row!), @BrechtSchamp (MOTM appearance number 5), and for the first time @kYutobi has joined the MOTM ranks!


May 2019 Cisco Meraki Community Members of the Month


181 kudos

26 solutions

MOTM score: 233  


153 kudos

19 solutions

MOTM score: 191



112 kudos

14 solutions

MOTM score: 140

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 11.33.21 AM.png

53 kudos

3 solutions

MOTM score: 59

(MOTM score = kudos received + 2*solutions authored)


🎉  Congratulations! 🎉



As always, thank you to everyone who participated in May!


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