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[CONTEST CLOSED] Wi-Fi 6: tell us your hopes and dreams!

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UPDATE: Thanks everyone for your submissions! Our two randomly selected winners are: @Franzman and @nbentsendk. Congratulations!


With the arrival of the next generation of Wi-Fi comes a whole host of new possibilities for your network. You can check @davidvan’s recent blog post for just a few examples!


So, whether it’s the ability to significantly increase the density of clients per network or having the confidence to invite all of those clients to stream Netflix with abandon, we want to know — what are you most excited/hopeful for with the launch of Wi-Fi 6?


How to enter

Tell us your Wi-Fi 6 hopes and dreams in a comment on this blog post before 12:00pm PST on Monday (June 3).


How to win

We'll select two entries at random to win a Cisco Meraki Glass Water Bottle.




The Fine Print

  • Limit one entry per community member
  • Submission period: Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at 11:00am PST through Monday, June 3, 2019 at 11:00am PST
  • Complete rules and eligibility can be found here.

Advanced technology has pros and cons. Suggest that always consider a technology where users are always on top priority by able to provide friendly users interface. Also, i had a high hopes that this WIFI6 innovation could improve users connectivity, seamless connection, range broadcast and improved security along with added features, license restrictions and coverage.


Note: also add unique hardware design 😊

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Most excited about the conserved battery use with connected devices and improved availability of a connection.  

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Definitely interested to see the enhanced IoT benefits and how effective BSS coloring will be in practice with a wide range of devices/clients

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I hope: --Super Throughput (Gigas). --A lot of channels. --Compatibility with all Devices. --Scope in more extensive areas. --Stability with connection.
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The speed! All the speed! I might consider dropping my wired network in many cases if I can get even 1G speeds consistently over wifi. With the specs showing 10G, my hopes are high. 

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I am looking forward to the advantages Wifi 6 will provide for our multi tenant sites.

I am most excited about the higher per capita speeds as more clients choose to move to fully wireless networks.

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I can't wait to see Wifi 6 enable users and technologists across multiple industry verticals to ride the a new wave of IoT and edge computing capabilities.


I am already waxing my surfboard


cisco surfboard.jpg


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My wish for WiFi 6 is to be able to provide the best possible WiFi experience to my customers regardless of the content that they want to consume over the network. I want to be able to tell my customers that the only limiting factor on their WiFi network is their imagination.  

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Always want to mitigate cable connection from office and with WiFi 6 i feel i will be able to do. i Hope WiFi 6 offer best in class user experience with stability and performance.



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Density....User capacity....reliability....Performance...etc...all these words are very friendly with us which we always encounter in our daily wireless life.

2:2 MiMo...3:3 MiMo...4:4 beautiful growth......:D

Now....WiFi 6...another beautiful technology....8:8 MiMo....can't wait to use WiFi 6....can't wait to give solution to our value customer with WiFi 6.... 🙂  

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  •  Multi-gigabit Ethernet support
  • Rugged and more stable
  • More visibility & security
  • Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA)


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Higher Capacity, Faster Speed, and More Efficiency
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As one of the top distributor here in PH, it is a good time for us especially Meraki is so hot in here. Wifi6 is a must and a good technology to leverage every company requirements

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The visibility it provides without having to add extra boxes in your network is what makes it above par than others.

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Using Wifi to become the new access. This means higher user density on same AP, less issues with RF and better integration of client hardware. Wireless health to be even more granular for making troubleshooting and identifying client issues an easy go.


Get away from the backwards compatibility, most of the time it is like driving a Panigale on a running trail.


On the Customer side I hope the understanding of fact that if AP is the new Access layer the Switches become the distribution layer and needs more uplink bandwith. Investing in infrastructure cabling for APs and switches to gain more flexibility for the users.



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I hope that wifi 6 will become synonymous in the world with how to finally "virtualize cables" !!!!!!!

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Greater stability and bigger coverage area for WiFi connections

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I am really looking forward to see the performance and latency improvements of MU-MIMO in BOTH directions.


Also the OFDM Feature and Spatial frequency reuse  is reeeeeeaaaly hot!!!

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More and more mobile phones use voice over wifi. With the introduction of wifi 6 I hope for a better performance and longer battery life

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Its exciting to see how bandwidth usage will hike and how service providers/ISP's will cope with the bandwidth demands on new Wi-Fi 6.