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[CONTEST CLOSED] Wi-Fi 6: tell us your hopes and dreams!

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UPDATE: Thanks everyone for your submissions! Our two randomly selected winners are: @Franzman and @nbentsendk. Congratulations!


With the arrival of the next generation of Wi-Fi comes a whole host of new possibilities for your network. You can check @davidvan’s recent blog post for just a few examples!


So, whether it’s the ability to significantly increase the density of clients per network or having the confidence to invite all of those clients to stream Netflix with abandon, we want to know — what are you most excited/hopeful for with the launch of Wi-Fi 6?


How to enter

Tell us your Wi-Fi 6 hopes and dreams in a comment on this blog post before 12:00pm PST on Monday (June 3).


How to win

We'll select two entries at random to win a Cisco Meraki Glass Water Bottle.




The Fine Print

  • Limit one entry per community member
  • Submission period: Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at 11:00am PST through Monday, June 3, 2019 at 11:00am PST
  • Complete rules and eligibility can be found here.
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Working in the hospitality field I'm looking forward to the better integration with IOT.. we have been already playing around with Alexa for hospitality and can't wait to see how WIFI 6 can help change the game.

Kind of a big deal

OFDMA is exciting and the performance capabilities with increased devices on the network looks to be very appealing. Also excited to see the help on device's battery performance with TWT (Target Wake Time).

Kind of a big deal

Greater stability of WiFi connections.  I like having less calls about people having problems.

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I started my networking experience in a 5 star resort. There we hand Unifi... and we had a bad time. I have since left and Unifi... well they are still having a bad time. BUT! At my new position we are re-designing HQ as we are moving. Turns out there will be 4 large conference rooms and one training room in what used to be an auditorium. And I got the OK for MR55 in each one. I am really excited to not have nightmares the night before events about APs being over loaded. About us putting to many to try and counter act that which does nothing but make the radio strength weaker. No more worrying about having a Cat5 cable somehow hid and ran to podium "just in case" even though every time was a "Just in Case" situation. Now just sit back and be worry free as 100+ employees surf Facebook during a company meeting and no-one comes to me after complaining about wifi being bad. Truly good times ahead.

Getting noticed

I might finally let users stream spotify at work.... maybe!

Here to help

Hoping for a platform that will provide a stable solution for both new and existing wireless devices so we can implement WiFi 6 without degrading the older clients

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Working in healthcare, we have a lot of potential interference (with radiology machines, microwaves, etc.), and am really looking forward to BSS Coloring capabilities.  Also, I am looking forward to bidirectional traffic capabilities.  We have software that is so reliant on a wireless connection, and will hopefully provide "as good as wired" assurance which our current wireless standards are unable to do.  

Here to help

My wish:

quickly be aligned with Cisco portfolio already having the 9115AXE to solve very high-density challenges with a new MR55E with external antennas...

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more security! more speed ! and no weak signal! 🙂  

Comes here often

cover bigger areas to less price and optimize the current infrastructure


Multigigabit Ethernet for up to 5 Gbps over a single existing cable - Not being able to deploy 10Gig switches from core to edge the ability to make the most of every connection - multigig on edge and then single uplink of 10 Gbs or more to core.

Blow past the 1Gb limit from AP to edge switch and then next hop to make the network responsive, despite the latency due to distance from AP to gateway.


With the advent of IOT comes vulnerability and a wider vector for attack. WiFi 6 will hopefully increase the security of devices connected with WPA3.

New here

Esperando tener la conexión mas estable conocida para reducir los llamados a la mesa de ayuda y con los productos Meraki tener la mejor velocidad y rendimiento del internet

New here

I'm looking forward to placing even my most demanding bandwidth users into a wireless only office design. The potential cost savings in reduced structured cabling is staggering!


My Hope for Wi-Fi6:

I hope to see enough throughput to make wireless transport of physical objects a reality in my lifetime.

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Greater stability and biggest cover Area of WiFi connections

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My hope is for Australians having to say WiFi 6 on a daily basis to Americans.

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Streaming videos in 4K on wireless with low latency Robot LOL


Definitely excited for the increased performance in environments with multiple connected devices

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With the recent push I've seen of more and more customers wanting wireless-only in their offices to support users, this goes a long way in having confidence designing those deployments specifically with high client densities.



Below are my exception from WIFi 6


  • Longer Battery Life
  • Better Performance in Crowded Areas
  • More secure
  • use your WiFi by logging to meraki portal from any were
  • meraki Wifi for home as well not only for business
  • smart device charging option