MR26.6 and MR55

Comes here often

MR26.6 and MR55

We have many MR55s and they only seem to work correctly (sort of ) when running MR26.6 - but then roaming causes severe performance issues and disconnects. Anyone else having the same issue?  Considering just going back to MR53hw

Kind of a big deal

Could you provide more detail about what's going on when you're having problems with roaming?


What kind of client devices are you using, and how are your SSIDs configured? 

Comes here often

Same issue with multiple devices. Latest gen and second to recent gen iPhone and iPad pro. Lenovo X1 gen7 with win10 and latest intel WiFi drivers. MacBook Pro (2017/2018 models). Performance drops to 5-9mbps from any test source (iperf, speed test varying places). When you associate back with AP you came from speed is as expected (200-450mbps). AP bridging mode - clients part of same L2 vlan. 

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Do you have a support case for this?


Was your issue happening only when roaming?


Please let me know, I will take a look at it.

Yes we have support case open. Only happens when roaming. 

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I see you are having progress with support.


I will keep an eye  on this issue so we can provide a better experience.


I have tested MR55s and You should not have this issue.


Thank you

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