M45 reporting too high other AP transmit power

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M45 reporting too high other AP transmit power

I know that there is a bug causing MR45 (and I guess MR55's) to report completely insane values of other and rogue AP transmit power (something around 160 dBm). This causes to strange values in Air Marshal reports and RF Spectrum - almost all neighbors are shown as -40 dB. 


Anyone know if there is any workaround or we just have to wait till it is fixed in firmware?


Br, Pawel.

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At the moment, I do not think that there is a workaround for that issue. 


The good part about Meraki Support is that you can create a case and if there is a bug identified, they can attach your case and provide an update when the bug is fixed. I would recommend you do that and you will definitely know when the problem you are facing is fixed. 

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