MX Security Appliances using AD

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MX Security Appliances using AD



unfortunately I do`nt understand the following documentation about "Configuring Active Directory with MX Security Appliances...



let`s assume I`d like to setup "MPLS Failover to Meraki Auto VPN" while the MPLS connections terminate on the LAN side of the security appliance! Would the AD integration work on the central Hub side or not?



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I can see your confusion.


If you want to use AD to assign group policies you'll need each MX at each spoke to be using this.  The group policy needs to be applied by an MX layer 2 adjacent to the client.

so I´ve to configure the Authentication AND the Group-Policies the same way on all MX-Devices...? or is it enough to only configure the Group-Policies on the Spoke MXs?

Another question about this is - how should be dealed with it, when only an MX at a central side is used without one at the Spoke side (classic MPLS connectivity /w central Internet Connectivity) - that would`nt work either?!

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