Group Policies, traffic priority setting not available

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Group Policies, traffic priority setting not available

Dear Community,


Do you know why sometimes it's possible to set a priority (high, Normal & Low) in a traffic shaping rule and sometimes this menu doesn't exists ? See  below the difference between 2 different dashboards, same advanced license.

Maybe I missed something easy. Many thanks for your help.

Franck.Group policies configuration - Meraki Dashboard - Google Chrome_2.jpg

Kind of a big deal

Are these from the same network?

The one on the right seems to be on a network with an MX and the one on the left seems to be from one without an MX appliance. However I just tested and I have two networks, one with an MX and the other with just access points.

I wasn't able to replicate your issue myself, which is odd. Maybe the firmware versions of the network affect that feature?

The only place I could find 'priority' was under the SD-WAN & Traffic Shaping for the MX, if I created a custom rule there.
Nolan Herring |

I think @NolanHerring  is onto it.  Your can only have this setting when there is an MX in the network.

Sorry guys, both networks have MXes and both with advanced license...

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