Customer service in the sales dept at Meraki?

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Customer service in the sales dept at Meraki?

Is it me?  I have been trying for a week now to get a demo on 3 different Meraki products.  I am a current customer with nearly my entire network infrastructure consisting of Meraki gear.  I keep getting blown off/rescheduled.  I have reached out on twitter to Meraki and other "high profile" Merakian's with no response whatsoever.  Up until now I have really loved doing business with Meraki.   Maybe small business is no longer of interest to them?  Anyone else having that issue?



Kind of a big deal

Aw that's not cool. Let me see what I can do.


What products did you want demo'd?

SM, MG and MV...  I don't want to sound whiney but I'm in sales too and it surprises me to have to beg... Thanks for the reply!

All right, I've shaken the tree a bit. Fingers crossed you'll get an in-person demo soon.


In the meantime for a demo of the camera's, have a look here:


For a demo of SM have a look here:


For MG I haven't seen any myself yet.

Thank you Brecht!

Hey @Meraki_Scott ,


Sorry to hear about that.


If you could DM me your email and MCN I can get all your info to the correct people.

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