Insight and MX Passthrough mode

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Insight and MX Passthrough mode



Was just wondering if I can use Insight on a MX in Passthrough mode?


Are there any Insight feature limitations running in this mode of operation? if so what?


Thanks in-advance



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Hi Zod,


When in passthrough mode, the MX is best used for in-line:

  • Layer 3/7 firewall rules, traffic shaping, and analysis
  • Network asset discovery and reporting
  • Intrusion detection
  • Security and content filtering
  • Client and site-to-site VPN


I understand MI should work in "Passthrough" mode.


I hope you have referred to following Url containing the details of MI


Excerpts from the above Url.


Insight Limitations

Meraki Insight is currently only supported on MX series devices as well as the Z3/C Teleworker Gateway. This does NOT include the Z1 Teleworker Gateway, MS, or MR series of devices. Additionally, MXs that are acting as Auto VPN Hubs will not be able to analyze traffic arriving over the VPN from Spoke sites. To gather data about traffic from Auto VPN Spoke sites, Insight must be enabled on the spoke MX. Finally, traffic originating from the WAN, such as that destined for an onsite web server will not be tracked.


I have MX in passthrough mode and Insight web app health is not working.  Any tips on getting this to work?

Here to help



Wondering if you were able to get MI working in Passthru mode?


Any issues?




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