Law Office network upgrade

Law Office network upgrade

This was the first Meraki Go network that we had ever installed in May 2022.

It was for a small law office with 5 employees.

They had 7 desktop computers, 2 servers and 3 printers.

The customer had experienced a cyber security event where their email account

(yep, only one account for the entire office, don't get me started on that) credentials

had been compromised and they realized they need a more secure network infrastructure.

We installed a GX20 security appliance with the optional Umbrella security license,

a GS110-24P switch and a GR10 indoor wireless access point.

We setup two wireless SSIDs, one for the office use and one for wireless guests.

We configured the firewall to isolate the wireless guests from the office network users

and throttled their internet bandwidth to prevent a DOS attack.

We also installed a new APC UPS with Smart Connect cloud monitoring.

The new UPS is protecting the firewall, switch and cable modem.

Another APC Backups UPS is protecting the two servers.

All of the desktop computers have their own small APC UPS units protecting them.

Since we completed the network and power upgrades, the customer has had zero

network or cybersecurity issues. This scenario was a perfect example of what

the Meraki Go product line is meant to cover.


GX20 and GR110-24PGX20 and GR110-24PServersServers