[CONTEST ENDED] Points Contest: Week 2 Roundup

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UPDATE: this contest has ended! Stay tuned for the final points round up and the announcement of our many winners!


We are near to reaching the final leg of our biggest swag contest ever and there are only two week lefts to qualify! 🚨 This is not a drill. 🚨 If you haven’t yet qualified, don’t worry—there’s still time! 


Remember that just 30 points are all that’s needed to enter you to win an MV93. And if you’re looking for an easy way to earn those points, might we suggest submitting your favorite networking joke to our International Joke Day contest


However you go about earning those points, do it by the following Thursday to be sure you don’t miss out! 


Now, on to our current standings. As of today, more than 80 members have earned enough points to qualify! If you are tagged in any of the tiers below, you’ve achieved entry into both a drawing to win your tier’s prize AND a drawing to win the Grand Prize of an MV93. 🤩


Members who reached Tier 1 by achieving 30 points:











































Members who reached Tier 2 by achieving 100 points:




















Members who reached Tier 3 by achieving 200 points:
























Congrats to everyone who has qualified so far, and keep racking up those points!

Kind of a big deal

Well Done, Keep it up and Congratulations to all who so ever on the list !

A model citizen

Wow, congratulation to all...keep the pace!

Getting noticed

Congratulations to all the qualified people.

Getting noticed

Congrats to all !


Here to help

excelente desempeño de todos, vamos por la cámara 😀

Getting noticed

Well done to all those that made the cut.  

Kind of a big deal

It's going to be like Christmas for some lucky winners!

Kind of a big deal

Good to see so many names across all the tiers! Congratulations all and keep up the good work.

Getting noticed

Congratulations all.

Lets go.

Getting noticed

Awesome job everyone and congrats to anyone making it to the list. Dedication and devotion!  

Here to help



Keep it rolling 

Here to help

It’s almost party time 🎉😎🎉😎🎉😎🎉

Kind of a big deal

Good luck and kudos to everyone!

Kind of a big deal

Nice work everyone!

Getting noticed

All the very best for you all !

Here to help

congrats all the qualifiers and all the best to all

Community Manager

Oops I just realized I incorrectly said in the post that there was only 1 week left to qualify when, in fact, there were 2 weeks! 😅 This is fixed now. You still have until July 14th to qualify. Sorry for the miscommunication! 

Here to help

In this case, extra party time 🙂

Kind of a big deal

@AmyReyes  Now i think there should be Tier 4 for 500 points 🙂 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

hahah @PhilipDAth 

Here to help

Congrats All........

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