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[CONTEST CLOSED] Happy New Year! What are your Networking Resolutions?

Community Manager

UPDATE: This contest has ended, thank you to everyone who shared their 2020 Network Resolutions! Congratulations to our randomly selected winners: @JohnGeorge@SteveKatsman, and @bluemoon.   


In last year’s Network Resolutions contest, the community resolved (among many things) to get better at writing Pythonic scripts for Dashboard API, complete CMNA training, start using the templating feature in Dashboard, and, perhaps most importantly, make more time for the Meraki Community!


Well, as the saying goes, “New year, new IT networking resolutions!”


Tell us your 2020 New Year’s Network Resolutions. Three lucky winners will receive some fun Meraki swag!


How to enter

Tell us your Network Resolutions in a comment on this blog post before 9:59am PST on Monday (January 13).


How to win

Once submissions close at 9:59am PST on January 13th, we will select three entries at random to win an exclusive Meraki Community mug!





🍀🍀Good Luck! 🍀🍀


The Fine Print

  • Limit one entry per community member 
  • Submission period: Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 11am PST through Monday, January 13, 2019 at 9:59am PST
  • Complete rules and eligibility can be found here.
New here

Become a meraki partner, and a meraki champion

Building a reputation
finaly get my s2s vpn working from the office to my house. I have a MX64 at home and a MX65 at the office. I want my home IP phone to register to the office CUCM so i can work from home 🙂
Getting noticed

My New Year's Network Resolutions are to pass the Network+ exam, get started on the CCNA, as well as getting involved in the helpful community here 🙂

Here to help

...literally, just survive.

Here to help

2020 New Year's Resolutions


  1. Get my new hardware installed, I am thinking probably titanium because they don't install terminator hardware yet.
  2. Abuse to the MG-21 to the fullest potential during the trail.
  3. Beg, borrow, steal, or bribe a seat in ECMS.
  4. Utilize my college/CEU to the full potential.
  5. Save MORE cash for retirement.
  6. API, API, API - use the Meraki API MORE!
  7. Keep one nostril above water.
Here to help

Balance new WAPs

Finish labelling all devices

Figure out my CRC issues. 



1. Finish testing switches

2. Fix walled garden issues for Z3 teleworker units

3. Find time to do 1 and 2

Here to help

As John Steinbeck so eloquently put it, "The best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft aglay!" and as we know in IT, this is too true.  I am not a huge fan of resolutions because although I may resolve to do something, my users have a way of taking that resolve, throwing it on the floor, trampling it ferociously and leaving it for dead.


Now, having said that, there are a few things that I have changed about myself:


1. I am more organized.  I start each day with a to-do list (more of a "wish" list, mind you, but it's something) and I strive to get those things done in between the mortar salvos from the user community.

2. I am more involved in the field.  In speaking with my supervisor at the end of last year, I realized that I need to be more "boots-on-the-ground", and put a face to the actions.  Although I can do almost everything I need to do remotely, it is nice to get in my vehicle and make some "house calls", as it were.

3. I am taking steps to be more fit in all areas of my life: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.  My wife and I have started reading the Bible every day (well, OK, you got me: we actually have Alexa read it to us, but that still counts!); my company has implemented a new wellness program and I am actively involved in that; I plan on travelling a lot this year, and I am enjoying my life and my work more than ever!

4. I will get my CCNA certification before the February 23rd, 2020 deadline.  I know that's not a change in me, but it is a goal for this quarter.


So there you have it.  Long-winded, I know, but those of you who know me know that I cannot be any other way.  It's just who I am! 😛


As the late, great Stan Lee said, "Excelsior!"


Learn Python, and create a API to make Alexa tell me how my network is doing!


Learn Python too, stop drinking so much coffee and complete our network replacement project.

Head in the Cloud

Upgrade switches to PoE to power our IP phones from switch, and convert from 1 Gb switches to 10 Gb.  Replace servers and NAS, and some new PTZ cameras, and learning Python, upgrade MX68, use AD authentication for VPN.


Deploy these


and sell MV to more customers!

Here to help

My networking new years resolution is to run systems manager on my linux machine. It shouldn't be done but here I am doing it anyways.

Building a reputation

To learn Python and API's better.




Here to help
Work more with the API
Comes here often

Get the CCNP Routing & Switching before it expire. 

Afterwards work a bit with the Meraki API's. 

Maybe get the CCNA DevNet before we start studying for the CCIE Security.  

Comes here often

My resolutions are as follows:


  • Convince the remainder of my non-Meraki clients to abandon the dark side and learn the ways of the Meraki Jedi.
  • Script out a method of auto-brewing my coffee and having a robot butler serve it to me.
  • Get Meraki Systems Manager running on Windows 3.1 just because.
Community Manager

Thank you to everyone who shared their 2020 Network Resolutions and congratulations to our randomly selected winners: @JohnGeorge@SteveKatsman, and @bluemoon!