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New 11.27 still the same known issues

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New 11.27 still the same known issues


The new RC11.27 has still the same known issue:

ARP entry on L3 switch can expire despite still being in use (predates MS 10.x)


Why is it not possible to remove this bug?

This version is still BETA for me and I got huge problems in stacked MS-350 enviroments.


Regards Joerg

Meraki Employee

Re: New 11.27 still the same known issues

Hi @JoRett 


I did a little more research on this issue, Our developers' team are actively working on this issue, however, there are no updates available at this moment. I would suggest you open a case with Meraki support to track the progress of the issue and also to troubleshoot other stack problems you are seeing with the MS350 stack switches.








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