Engineering Cisco Meraki Solution badge missing

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Engineering Cisco Meraki Solution badge missing

Hi guy,


Do you know where I can get this badge?


I reach out to Credly support and the ask to open a case on the the cert support.

The cert support don´t have any clue what is this about or to get.

The main reason I want to get this badge, is to get on my LinkedIn .



Any Ideas? Or suggestions,




André Afonso



Andre Afonso
Kind of a big deal

ECMS is “only” a training and not a certification. Credly has badges for some non-certificate achievements, but nothing for ECMS.

EDIT: Just looked at the link …

No, have never seen this in the wild. Are you aware of someone having that in its Credly-account?

Hi @KarstenI, the Credly have badges for certifications and for some training as well.
I saw one time somebody with that badge in particular.


Andre Afonso
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