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[CONTEST ENDED] Community Challenge: Digital Transformation

Community Manager

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Update: This contest has ended! Thank you all for your thoughtful digital transformation ideas and examples — we really enjoyed reading your responses!


We randomly selected three swag winners: @Jorg95@pawelk, and @tdj7397. I'll be reaching out today to confirm your shipping addresses. Congratulations!


This month’s Community Challenge will explore the hot topic of the moment: digital transformation. 


“Digital transformation” generally refers to the current trend of using technology to simplify processes and solve problems more efficiently. 


There are infinite examples of how a business might be making this transformation. Maybe they’re upgrading their manufacturing process with labor-saving robotic arms, or perhaps they’re leveraging data to better appeal to their customers’ needs. Or they might finally be trading in their typewriters for those cutting-edge Macintosh personal computers 😉.


With this concept allowing for such a truly broad spectrum of possible definitions, we want to know: what does digital transformation mean to you at your organization? What has your digitally transformative journey entailed? Or, how are you planning to make digital improvements over the coming months? 


We're asking this very broad question because our team is genuinely curious about what digital transformation means to our customers and partners. We may reach out to some of you who enter this contest to learn more!


Let us know in a comment on this post and be entered to win swag! Feel free to use video, diagrams, etc. to help illustrate your response.


How to enter

Submit your digital transformation thoughts in a comment on this blog post before 11 a.m. PST on Monday, August 19th. We’ll then draw three at random to win an exclusive new Meraki Community mug and a fancy Meraki pen (and what better way to celebrate digital transformation than with a pen)! Your entries will be public and visible throughout the contest.







The Fine Print

Here to help

Currently deploying a Meraki full stack so that we can have every student and teacher with an iPad. Trying to remove paper if not entirely at least drastically. We're also deploying a new homework and curriculum platform so that everything is submitted electronically. This also includes a digital portfolio of work.

Here to help

Digital transformation to means leveraging the capabilities of technology to improve daily functions or perform tasks that would not have been previously possible.  Collaboration with people all over the world is now possible thanks to this transformation.  The application of technology aims to improve productivity, efficiency, and reliability of business functions.  My organization is planning to use technology in the future to recognize patterns in large data sets that otherwise would not be feasible using manual methods.


To transform something is to move it from one form to another. Digital Transformation is, therefore, the process of moving something from a non-digital form to a digital form. A good example would be an analogue watch transformed into a digital watch. However these days "Digital Transformation" is much more about making life easier using computer or cloud-based applications. Taking everyday tasks and simplifying them using digital-based systems. This should ultimately enhance your productivity and empower you more.

Comes here often

From a customer perspective, what are the points of pain and fears about digitization? 


Although "Digital Transformation" sound as a marketing phrase in last times, it is a very important concept that involves new technologies in the work inside enterprises changing the manner of make things and making the life more easy.


When asking the question, „what does digital transformation mean to you“, many answers came into my mind. So I took the chance and asked some people in my area the same question. And everyone else I was talking to, explained somehow differently. For example, there were the librarians who told me, digital transformation means that clients can now rent the books online via the internet. Or my neighbor who, at the end of her work day, she can order dinner for the family with an app on her cell phone and the meal is being delivered at a given time. One of my friends (he’s an HR manager) said, that recruiting is now much easier and more effective than ever with their new online application portal. But to cut the long story short, digital transformation seems to make people happy.

Today, digital services are available in literally every industry: banking and finance, at the airport, public utility, the shopping mall, healtcare, administration and the list goes on and on. For my personal life, a couple of years ago it all started with email and online shopping. And today, for me, digital transformation means that the right information and services are available in realtime and at the right place. In general, I think that digital transformation concludes three areas. First, IT and its technologies can certainly help us to ease our daily life whether at work or at home. And beyond, from a service view it also helps us to improve our customer‘s experience. Second, , the deployment of new technologies in companies can help sustaining the competitiveness. And this is as well an important factor for employee engagement. And third, Digital transformation can encourage us to take on new challenges and create new business models. For example, the smart factory concept along with IoT yet can give us nearly inconceivable insight and enhance the effectiveness of any process related to the supply chain.

Besides new types of security threats, in my opinion, one of the greatest challenges is to overcome and break accustomed manners in daily business. There might be a bunch of processes in every company that must be subject for critical examination. Perhaps there are appliances or systems that you could first virtualize and then transform into a cloud service along with other software in your environment. Therefore, it is always a good idea to consider the crowded knowledge of the employees to promote innovations and enhance security in your business.

For sure, there is quiet a lot more to tell. And as the term „digital transformation“ implies, it is rather an ongoing process than a condition. The future will remain both exciting and challenging as ever.

Kind of a big deal

Digital transformation is about how businesses are adapting to a more digital world/marketplace. The short answer is that if your business doesn't start digital transformation your business will suffer. Your competitors are going to be adapting it and it makes them more agile, responsive, cost effective, and profitable. An example from previous years could be the fax machine. Many years ago that technology allowed businesses to get important documents signed and returned cost effectively. During that time businesses not able to use fax suffered as time to close business and deals took longer, where their competitors were working on the next sale/deal almost immediately. This method used existing technology like phone lines to transmit data and bring a more economic way of getting large documents sent quickly. Today we are doing the same thing using the cloud to deploy and utilize more technology advancements and services by the day to help businesses and people be more effective. Thus digital transformation is a new hot word, based on a theory from many years ago.

Community Manager

Congrats to our challenge winners: @Jorg95@pawelk, and @tdj7397