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[CONTEST ENDED] Community Challenge: Digital Transformation

Community Manager

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Update: This contest has ended! Thank you all for your thoughtful digital transformation ideas and examples — we really enjoyed reading your responses!


We randomly selected three swag winners: @Jorg95@pawelk, and @tdj7397. I'll be reaching out today to confirm your shipping addresses. Congratulations!


This month’s Community Challenge will explore the hot topic of the moment: digital transformation. 


“Digital transformation” generally refers to the current trend of using technology to simplify processes and solve problems more efficiently. 


There are infinite examples of how a business might be making this transformation. Maybe they’re upgrading their manufacturing process with labor-saving robotic arms, or perhaps they’re leveraging data to better appeal to their customers’ needs. Or they might finally be trading in their typewriters for those cutting-edge Macintosh personal computers 😉.


With this concept allowing for such a truly broad spectrum of possible definitions, we want to know: what does digital transformation mean to you at your organization? What has your digitally transformative journey entailed? Or, how are you planning to make digital improvements over the coming months? 


We're asking this very broad question because our team is genuinely curious about what digital transformation means to our customers and partners. We may reach out to some of you who enter this contest to learn more!


Let us know in a comment on this post and be entered to win swag! Feel free to use video, diagrams, etc. to help illustrate your response.


How to enter

Submit your digital transformation thoughts in a comment on this blog post before 11 a.m. PST on Monday, August 19th. We’ll then draw three at random to win an exclusive new Meraki Community mug and a fancy Meraki pen (and what better way to celebrate digital transformation than with a pen)! Your entries will be public and visible throughout the contest.







The Fine Print


To my knowledge, Digital Transformation is the concept of integrating Digital Technology to add value to the Business and everyday life needs. This can be achieved by empowering people through Digital Dexterity, simplifying processes by automating tasks through emerging technologies like AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain, and change of mindsets and behavior. 

New here

Digital transformation for me is Using every knowledge available to make the world a better place. For every company we help go digital, that is a step closer to a world so connected that we can share everything with everyone anywhere. Using those same connections, scientists can research together. I think it is due to so much digital transformation that we went to the moon, that we invented incredible things,... The only way humanity is going to keep progressing is if we keep transforming our digital world so that we keep finding new ways to do things.

This is an opinion. It has no research behind it. please let me know what you think.

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For my work, digital transformation means bringing digital services to the country. This means, for example, connecting digital billboards to petrol stations that communicate interactively with customers or allow customers in super stores to simultaneously watch the products and order them on the Internet, e.g. The sneakers are not in stock in the color you want. Customers can then decide whether to pick up the sneakers at the store or deliver them to their homes.
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I think these are the 3 main trends for us: 1. User Experience Good processes, good working and good reationships need a good user experience. Technology should, as much as possible, get out of the way. I'm not talking about a facebook black box approach but a serious appreciation of the needs of others. If we ask the questions the right way, we will get the right data and everyone's experience will be good. 2. Taking privacy and security seriously But that doesn't mean that we don't take people's expectation of privacy less seriously. If our users are going to trust us and our decision making then we need to assure them that we respect them as people. In digital transformation we don't chuck out good practise just because it doesn't meet our design [or corporate] needs, instead we build that in. 3. Collaborative working At the end of it all, this is where we want to be. I'm really serious about collaboration. Whether it's documents, desicion making, relationships as part of our digital transformation we need to learn from each other. Users must feel empowered to come forward with their ideas and make their own decisions, our management need to feel they have the space to lead. If we've done this then our customers can trust us and our digital transformation.
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No idea why my formatting has been stripped out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Making work life of employees more comfortable.

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Digital Transformation - A journey undertaken by a user whereby a workflow, role or set of processes can be enhanced or improved  with measurable results in form of Return of Investment

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For me, the digital transformation is a way to improve/increase efficiency and flexibility and it can also help to continue the process of improvement. By using the digital transformation, a company can also streamline the process and reduce the risks. In the end, doing all this will for sure improve customer satisfaction. 🙂

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Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. It's also a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure. 

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Although there will be some tangible hardware within your environment of course, the transformation to SD-WAN, Cloud Managed Environments and the domination of intellectual software management for entire customer platforms away from separately managed silos and environments is the basis of Digital Transformation moving forward.


I like to use this as an example of how digital transformation will happen in the work place moving forward.


Digital Transformation is something that we see in everyday life and many of us have already applied this in our day to day activities. 


We've moved from VHS, to DVD to BluRay and now Streaming is a way that people watch films, (or "box sets" if you like).  It's happened, the change in that industry for home users has had a "digital transformation" which is now considered to be normal practice.  


Digital Transformation in the work place will also move and be part of every day life and best practice, how quickly we move our business' in that direction is naturally dependent on circumstance.

Kind of a big deal

Digital Transformation to me is the ease of use and innovation for the faculty/staff/student that are our school. We try to make it so that they're needs are met while making it simple for operations to continue seamlessly. Something as easy as having a student having all their apps under one pane of glass or that a teacher can simply share what she has from her machine to the digital board for redistribution. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE!    

Head in the Cloud

Digital Transformation for me, in my position, is to simplify the daily business. And so to keep costs lower.



Digital transformation will need to be powered by AI and Machine Learning, since many processes are already optimized to the point where human intervention slows the process down too much. There is also a limit to the speed of humans, if we need to stay in the game for the entire work life.

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Digital Transformation is the new process of Industrial revolution.  What was once jobs being done by hand where then replaced by machines.  Now what was once done on individual machines is now being done in the cloud.

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Out with the old ,in with the new technologySmiley Tongue

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Digital transformation....... For me it's paradox. All will be directed with the head, with the brain when digital transformation will be installed. What to do after with my hands. Cause in french, in each hand we have 5 digits. 😉
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(Not my entry)


The CEO read it in Gartner

And said its the way we must go

Hurrah for this new transformation

Our old ways that worked really blow.


This new digital Transformation

Will make all our processes slick

No more manual operations

That make our millennials sick!


The IT department had warned them

Complexity rules this path

And if we're not ever so careful

we might just get bit in the ass...     (yeah, I know...)


But management can't be dissuaded

And said "Gartner's showing the way!"

"The deadline is closing in quickly"

"Get it done or there'll be hell to pay!"


Now HR can check inventory

And Maintenance sees the GL

Our data's all stirred in together

This new paradigm works so well!


Our CEO soon left this business

His parachute golden deployed

The government screams about HIPAA

Our IT staff's soon unemployed


The new CEO came in breathless

Said "Look whats in Gartner today!"

"Get rid of these old crufty methods"

"We're going to go this new way!"



Digital transformation is the redesign of products, processes and strategies to increase both user experience and to increase functions


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Can be the integration of digital technology into different kinds of areas of a business resulting in changes to how businesses operate. It can be a different thinking, innovation, and new business structures based on the cloud. 

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Our business is food distribution (to restaurants) and historically has been very paper-intensive.   Labels (printed with customers' names, contents, location/destination, expiration dates.....), invoices to accompany the pallets of food, statements, etc.  But, we are located on the S.F. Peninsula and labor is very expensive (as well as hard to retain), so our company has been progressing in our "Digital Transformation" for a few years.    The IBM i-Series (formerly AS/400) ERP system keeps track of every package of tuna, case of water, etc.  and has "run" the business for years.

Now, we are providing access to the ERP system through phone/tablet apps (browser-enabled) that allow our customers to place their orders online.   And, we are deploying a proof-of-delivery system that leverages portable smartphones to read barcodes on food pallets, each case of water or package of tuna, etc.  This would allow us to confirm that the items input into the ordering system actually made it to the customer, the customer's designated "receiver" can sign on the smartphone device that the articles were actually received, that the cans of tuna are NOT damaged, the water is not leaking, etc.  And we can reduce our reliance on paper, while speeding up our processes.   In case some of the tuna was dented/damaged, we can take pictures and send back to the "manufacturer" or to our internal department, depending on where the damage is deemed to have occurred. 
So, Digital Transformation for us is improving our processes, enhancing our service(s) and reducing our labor costs.   From a business perspective, it's a win-win-win, and (in theory) should allow us to compete on pricing - which is good for our customers, and (potentially) for YOU, the restaurant's end-users/ customers.