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Forcing VLANs


Forcing VLANs



We're moving to a full Meraki LAN and have designed our IP schema. Pretty easy with /21 subnets for workstations/printers/VoIP/servers/out of band/etc.


Question is, how do we stop a workstation functioning when plugged into a sever/printer/VoIP switchport for example?


Any tips greatly appreciated,





Kind of a big deal

Re: Forcing VLANs

That's what 802.1X was designed for. Each time a device connects to a .1X enabled port the switch will check whether that device is allowed to connect to that port. You can even have a phone plugged in to a switch and a computer plugged in to the phone. Data vlan and voice vlan can be configured separately.


More info here:


You could also do it with MAC whitelisting but that's going to be a hell to configure and maintain:


Re: Forcing VLANs

Nice, thanks. Will have a read into 802.1x. MAC whitelisting/sticky MACs/anything like this is definitely a none starter given the number of devices we have



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