MX100 VPN access over Active DIrectory

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MX100 VPN access over Active DIrectory

Hello, We are upgrading our Network infrastructure and replacing it with all Cisco Meraki gear. we gonna use MX100 for the firewall and VPN access site-to-site and VPN client. we currently using the Active Directory for authentication with our Windows RRAS server. As per the documents I'm pretty sure we can configure the MX100 to authenticate using the Active Directory and then we can get rid of the Windows RRAS server. Can someone confirm this design will work or if we need extra equipment or setup? ANyone has it working?


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Kind of a big deal

Are you looking to use AD to authenticate users for the client VPN?


If so, you've got a second way to go, beyond what @jdsilva linked. I usually use Network Policy Server for RADIUS:


Partly because I'm usually already doing RADIUS thru NPS for other network equipment, so it's easy to add one more task.

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I can second these options, i've done both AD and RADIUS for VPN before without issue. Quite a simple plug and connect

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