MX 14.45

Kind of a big deal

MX 14.45

I actually have one site running 14.45 because it was a Stable Release Candidate, but it looks like its gone now.


Anyone else see it gone too?



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Kind of a big deal

I am seeing the same thing. Might be related to it getting pushed to stable. There was a vulnerability found in the local status page on the MX67/68 and they might be pushing those changes down to stable.


Same thing.  I had a few devices get 14.45 update and it seems to have broken Netflow in some odd way, rolling back any way.

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I'm seeing the same thing. Meraki pushed out 14.45 to 10 of my sites about 2 weeks ago. One device (luckily a new site not deployed yet) is actually stuck bouncing online/offline. After reaching out to support, they said the following:

"Your MX device seems to be having firmware update issues that are resulting in connectivity problems upstream. The MX version on your <network name> network appears to be a deprecated firmware version that is no longer supported."


I was able to downgrade that device, but it was still doing the up/downs, so now they are having me do a factory reset on the device. I can get over there until Monday, so I'll report back here with the results. 


If anyone sees different firmware come available I'd appreciate you updating this thread!

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