Best way to Manage Specific Settings


Best way to Manage Specific Settings

In what ways do you all configure settings? I want certain settings for specific devices that may affect a specific student while also making sure that the student gets the general settings profiles. When you create a new profile that may have one specific setting do you have to make sure the checks match what's in other profiles? For instance, if in one profile I turn off a setting or feature will another profile having that as allowed overwrite it? Sometimes I don't want to uncheck or check off all the boxes as I'm creating profiles. 


Use Case Scenario: I want to stop a specific student from using an app, so I go into Profiles, Create New, Restrictions, and Show or Hide Apps, Don't allow the following apps, and turn off access to an app. But that's the only thing I want to change with this policy but I have to have a more strict policy in place for students. Will this new profile with the hiding a specific app have to match the settings in the more strict profile or can I just add this profile and all settings apply from profiles?

Kind of a big deal



When it comes to restrictions the most restrictive policy will always be applied to the device. I have created specific profiles to not allow for app deletion, not such a problem now in iOS 14 where we can stop users from deleting managed apps, not allowing devices to be reset or any of a number of specific restrictions that need to be applied to certain students.


I personally would advise creating specific profiles that you can apply as needed for situations like this rather than applying it to all iPads. It's much easier to add and remove tags to push out or remove profiles rather than editing them.


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