Losing Connectivity

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Losing Connectivity

One of our client is complaining that she is constantly being kicked off wifi throughout the day form her IPhone 7, have checked event logs and says she left AP, does that just mean she went out of range or something else?


Thank you

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

So you are seeing a "client disconnect" logged? If so, that means the phone is sending a disconnect.

Note that in the newer beta firmware (25.x) that a lot of extra Apple support has been added, particularly around roaming.

If you have more than one access point and are using WPA Enterprise mode you should also consider enabling 802.11r. To enable this go:
Wireless/SSIDs/[edit]/change 802.11r=enabled

Thank you will try that

Does the user report if the issue persists anywhere else i.e. has the same problem at home?

no she claims she only has connectivity issues at work, I have changed wireless options for guest to Dual band to see if here problem is hopping between 5Ghz and 2.4 and reduced the bitrate to 12 Mbps so will see over next few days if anything has improved.


Thank you

Check your WPA encryption mode for the SSID. Wireless>Access control>WPA encryption mode. If you've got it set for WPA and WPA2 only try change to WPA2 only (assuming you're using WPA pre-shared key for authentication type.) 

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