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Question about Location Analytics

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Question about Location Analytics



The company that I work for are interested in using location analytics from their business locations in order to more easily be able to determine how much staff is needed at a given day in a given location, and the Meraki dashboard tools can help with that.


My question is concerning that the location analytics page on the dashboard isn't really that efficient in terms of creating reports for many different locations, as you don't really have that much freedom in terms of manipulating what data you want to see, and how to export it.


I would've thought the Dashboard API would be able to retrieve this data, allowing us to automate this process and perhaps also access to the data that the analytics page is using to create their graphs and statistics, but I wasn't able ot find any of this when searching through the documentation.


I found something relating a Scanning API or something, where you can get the probing information directly to your own server via post requests, but this seems like it would be a lot of work to create this server and all the logic needed to create our own analytics, plus as far as I could understand, it would just post new information, so I wouldn't be able to use the data from earlier this year for instance.


So yeah, my question is if there is a way to access the data that I want to retrieve via an API option I'm not aware of? Or are my options limited to either just using the data viewable on the analytics page and the CSV files, or using the scanning API and creating my own solutions?




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Re: Question about Location Analytics

The scanning API (as you have correctly noted) does not let you retrieve the data from the Meraki dashboard.  It sends you a copy of the raw data, and then you can process it to do whatever you want.


Note in the top right hand corner you can filter the location analytics to only display a single network.

Screenshot from 2018-07-19 22-40-25.png


But as you have noted, if you had a lot of networks to report on this would take quite a bit of time.

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Re: Question about Location Analytics

Take a look at the site. This is a concentration of solutions created by both Meraki and customers that all take advantage of the APIs. This page specifically talks about Location Services and gives examples of some integrations already in use:

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