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[WINNERS ANNOUNCED] Photo Contest: Be featured in the Cisco Meraki Quarterly!

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Meraki Quarterly April19.png



UPDATE: We were blown away by the volume of entries this round, and though it was extra hard to choose, we are thrilled to announce the winners featured in today's webinar:


Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 10.03.48 AM.png


Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 10.03.58 AM.png


Congrats @Julian@GregScarlett, and @sasas! Huge thanks to everyone for sharing your photos 🙂  


The Cisco Meraki Quarterly webinar is just around the corner (you can register here), and we’re excited to bring back the photo contest! In this contest, we ask you to submit photos based on a theme. The winning photo will be featured as the cover image for the Meraki Quarterly Webinar held on April 9th.


This round, we are looking to see your unique work from home setups. For those of us who are new to the remote-working life, some last minute cobbling together of office-like environments may have been in order. 


Living in a house with other novice teleworkers, I, for one, have had to line my closet with couch cushions and blast the soothing sounds of the ocean to secure some peace and quiet. It’s less home office and more hibernation cave.😳





From March 31st to April 8th, submit a photo via comment on this post showing us your work from home setup. We’d love to see all manner of work from home environments, but, of course, the more creative the better!


Here is an example of how @CarolineS is taking care of business with her co-workers at home:




How to enter

Submit your photo for consideration by simply posting it as a comment on this blog post by April 8th 12pm PDT. Submissions will be public throughout the contest.


Photo Requirements

Theme: Working from Home

Suggested Dimensions: Landscape orientation preferred. Ideally a 16:9 aspect ratio.

File Size: Max 10Mb

Note: Do not add text to your photo; we will be placing the webinar title on top of your photo submission


Terms & Conditions

  • Photos are due by Wednesday, April 8, at 12pm Pacific. 
  • Photos will only be considered if they are posted on this thread. 
  • Feel free to submit multiple entries.
  • Entries will be judged based on the photos artistic quality, creativity, and representation of the "Working from Home" theme.
  • Do not submit photos that include your full face and other personally-identifying information (PII). 
  • See the complete terms, conditions, and eligibility information for further information.

Home OfficeHome Office

Still enabling new customers onto the Meraki platform, will work from anywhere all we need is connectivity.

Building a reputation


Find the error ??

The Meraki Mug (tm) is missing !!! (hint hint) ..







Merkai WFH.jpg


Oh No!


My network as gone to the dogs!

Who you gonna call when a site goes red?


Here to help

My wife was already working from home when this all came down, and it just wasn't cutting it for the two of us to be in the same office together.  She would get a client call and need to leave the room (for privacy sake) or I would get on a conference call and she would need to leave the room (seeing a pattern here?).  So I moved into an alcove in our basement (where I had a desk already setup for another business), found an old 32" flat screen TV with an HDMI input, scrounged an old keyboard and mouse (*and something else...see pics!) and I was off to the races.  Added a BT headset for conference calls and an old HD USB camera for video (see, being a packrat DOES come in handy sometimes!! ;-).


My wife is wonderful in that she brings me breakfast and lunch down here, so I'm not forlorn.  I do have a spacious "rec room" at my disposal, so I could workout...but just haven't gotten there yet.  My fat arse does remind every so often to get up and stretch, which I do, and the "meeting room" (read "loo") is just steps away so I'm pretty well set.


Take care, everyone, and stay safe.  We will get through this!!








































My Lovely posted a couple of pictures to make it feel more "homey".




*Docking Station? We don't need no stinking Docking Station!

Here to help


Head in the Cloud

Here's my simple home office.  Working on Meraki MX68, then on the right side working on 3D and Python.  The red light is the Raspberry Pi.





Comes here often

My wife was ahead of me getting assigned to work from home so I got the backup office at the back of the family room!



Comes here often

UtilityNet Working from Home!UtilityNet Working from Home!


Working from home! 100% UtilityNet (Meraki)

Meraki Employee


Shinny Happy People smiling during the Channel Ops Global Meeting - covering North & South America, UK, Japan, China & Australia! 




MOD NOTE: Edited photo to obscure names


Meraki Employee


My wife and Son's station... 


Also, my son having a very important meeting with Todd (upside down, for some reason)



Meraki Employee

Steve pic in virtual office.jpg


Set up my virtual background:) Don't mind my work from home attire - just keeping it real!

Meraki Employee


 This is me feeling pleased with myself for getting dressed in 'outdoor' clothes and getting productive in this new WFH routine.

Meraki Employee



This is my work(home)placehomeworking.jpg

Comes here often

Life's Good!Life's Good!

Here to help


Community Manager

We love all of these submissions!! BUT — if you've submitted, you may be getting a little tired of getting an email notification about each additional post (as fun as they are 😀). You can feel free to "Unsubscribe" using the three-dot menu in the upper right of the main post (link). Screenshot below to clarify what I mean.



Just browsing



Home-office done right! 

New here

Coco loves her MX65W! This is her favourite spot in the house and now that we're working from home, she loves it even more.




IMG_5925 2.jpeg