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[WINNERS ANNOUNCED] Photo Contest: Be featured in the Cisco Meraki Quarterly!

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Meraki Quarterly April19.png



UPDATE: We were blown away by the volume of entries this round, and though it was extra hard to choose, we are thrilled to announce the winners featured in today's webinar:


Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 10.03.48 AM.png


Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 10.03.58 AM.png


Congrats @Julian@GregScarlett, and @sasas! Huge thanks to everyone for sharing your photos 🙂  


The Cisco Meraki Quarterly webinar is just around the corner (you can register here), and we’re excited to bring back the photo contest! In this contest, we ask you to submit photos based on a theme. The winning photo will be featured as the cover image for the Meraki Quarterly Webinar held on April 9th.


This round, we are looking to see your unique work from home setups. For those of us who are new to the remote-working life, some last minute cobbling together of office-like environments may have been in order. 


Living in a house with other novice teleworkers, I, for one, have had to line my closet with couch cushions and blast the soothing sounds of the ocean to secure some peace and quiet. It’s less home office and more hibernation cave.😳





From March 31st to April 8th, submit a photo via comment on this post showing us your work from home setup. We’d love to see all manner of work from home environments, but, of course, the more creative the better!


Here is an example of how @CarolineS is taking care of business with her co-workers at home:




How to enter

Submit your photo for consideration by simply posting it as a comment on this blog post by April 8th 12pm PDT. Submissions will be public throughout the contest.


Photo Requirements

Theme: Working from Home

Suggested Dimensions: Landscape orientation preferred. Ideally a 16:9 aspect ratio.

File Size: Max 10Mb

Note: Do not add text to your photo; we will be placing the webinar title on top of your photo submission


Terms & Conditions

  • Photos are due by Wednesday, April 8, at 12pm Pacific. 
  • Photos will only be considered if they are posted on this thread. 
  • Feel free to submit multiple entries.
  • Entries will be judged based on the photos artistic quality, creativity, and representation of the "Working from Home" theme.
  • Do not submit photos that include your full face and other personally-identifying information (PII). 
  • See the complete terms, conditions, and eligibility information for further information.
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MR74 in the backgroundMR74 in the background

Meraki Employee


I am having e-learning class with my kindergarten schoolmates 😛



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Living the Home Office Dream - well connected with Cisco and Meraki kit, all this with a view!Living the Home Office Dream - well connected with Cisco and Meraki kit, all this with a view!



Building a reputation

I'm lucky my home-office is well equipped and spacious in our basement.

At this point i'm not complaining just missing the interaction with my colleagues.

MS teams isn't really like a normal meeting.....


the plus points.....

- Faster pc (instead of a laptop)

- Bigger screens 2x27" in stead of 2x24"

- 250Mbit internet connection (capped by MX64 😞 ) just for a few people compared to 100Mbit for 50 people.

- listening to music without headphones

- perfect WiFi 😄 







Comes here often







Meraki Employee


Reposting this from my LinkedIn


As a remote employee at Cisco, I've been #workingfromhome for the last 3.5 years. Being a geek, my tech setup is something I've tweaked through numerous iterations.

A few things I wouldn't want to do without:
1. My #cisco #webex DX80 TP unit. Makes meetings and sharing content so much more immersive, and doubles as a second screen when I need it.
2. An ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio primary monitor. The realestate of two screens, without losing anything down the middle.
3. Ergotron medical trolly to dock my laptop and carry my monitor. Allows me to sit and stand, and lets me to roll my setup to a different part of the house when I want to switch things up.
4. #meraki MX68 handling dual carrier internet services, SD-WAN, prioritisation and shaping, VPN, security, content filtering and the rest.
5. Reliable power via APC UPS, Fronius solar inverter (with API access integrated with Meraki API) and a generator with a week worth of fuel.

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Meraki Employee

WFH is nothing new for me, been doing it for ~15 years now.


Welcome to the Home Office/Panic Room/Undisclosed Location behind a secret bookshelf I can open with Siri!  Soundproof inside... and out.  Which is nice, because all the gear is in the next room over.





Meraki Employee

Lots of Meraki Swag and Gear in this photo! WFH to the max!KR-WFH.jpg

Meraki Employee


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1-5 screens, take your pick.

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Kind of a big deal

Weeeeeelll here is my entry.


With my three favorite colleagues, and the two dashboards that matter these days, the Meraki dashboard, and the COVID-19 one.





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Unfortunately some of us IT folk are still holding down the fort handling the local issues that aren't so easy to do remotely.  (Hey, someone has to change out the backup tapes, even if they are redundant.)

Meraki Employee

Ana Carreto_Meraki.JPG


Meraki Gnomes are our special guests in our afternoon tea party!


Getting noticed

Meraki Lab.jpgWork From home.jpg

Meraki home lab making work productive and fun!

Kind of a big deal



It looks like my three colleagues received word overnight and they're sending me a message today... Safety first! Gnome unions are real.

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The world at my fingertips...

New here

I graduated undergrad back in December '19 and this was my graduation gift to myself. My absolute pride and joy where gaming and productivity meet.


Image from iOS (1).jpg