What’s new with Meraki Go: Scheduled Network Availability, Multi-Factor Authentication, Live Usage

Meraki Go Team

In May, we released new features to enhance your Meraki Go experiences based on your feedback and Make-a-Wish requests. Keep your requests coming - we regularly monitor and track each of them to prioritize upcoming software releases and hardware roadmaps. 


Meraki Go now offers the following as of app version 2.38.0 on iOS and Android devices:

  • Scheduled SSID network availability 
  • MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)
  • Real-time internet usage on the Security Gateway
  • Multi-account switching from the home screen
  • Easy time zone selector 


Scheduled SSID network availability 



Providing free WiFi for guests is table stakes these days, as it can attract more customers and improve their experiences at your business. 


But having your networks (SSIDs) available at all times by default may not always ideal. For example, if you don’t want your guest network used by non-customers outside of business hours. 


To give you more control over when your networks are available, Scheduled Network Availability lets you automatically keep your network on at your preferred times only. You can select from easy built-in templates (e.g. 9am to 5pm daily) or customize your time frame per each day of the week.


To setup your network availability schedule, tap the Settings tab in your Meraki Go app, under Access select WiFi network and then the relevant network, and finally under Access control, select Network availability. 


Read more about how to schedule SSIDs in our documentation


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for added security


Defense is the best offense when it comes to many things, including your account security - especially as online threats rise. 


Your Meraki Go account now has more layers of security in the sign-in flow. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) lets you add a security identifier on top of your username and password, helping protect your network and giving you peace of mind. 


To set up MFA on your account, head to the Settings tab of your Meraki Go app, scroll to the Account section, and click on “Multi-factor authentication”. 


You’ll need to download an authenticator app or use an existing one, add your credentials to it, and finally verify your one-time password (OTP). MFA will then be enabled on your account, and you’ll type in a OTP each time you login to Meraki Go. 


Note: we recommend saving your one-time passwords in a secure place. All admins on your Meraki Go account will be required to setup MFA once it’s enabled. 


Live network usage in the Security Gateway



Need to check your current internet usage in a pinch? Monitoring it in real-time just got easier on the GX20 Security Gateway (router/firewall). 


To visualize your live network usage in real-time, simply tap the Hardware tab from your Meraki Go app, and select your GX20 Security Gateway device.


Scroll to “Live usage” and you’ll be able to see second-by-second updates on network usage and take any necessary action to increase productivity at your business. 


Easier multi-account switching




If you’re managing multiple Meraki Go accounts, toggling between them can now be done with ease in just a few taps. 


From the home screen in your Meraki Go mobile app, tap the Locations menu at the top. You’ll see a list of all your locations, and can select any ones you’d like to manage.


Note: You’ll only see Locations at the top of your home screen if you have multiple Meraki Go accounts. 


Easier time zone selector



Whether you’re setting up a new account, changed time zones, or have multiple accounts, ensuring your network is in the correct time zone is useful when monitoring your network usage and analytics. 


We recently added a simple selector that lets you scroll through a comprehensive list of global time zones to select the one your network is in. 


From the Meraki Go app, tap the Settings tab, scroll to Your account, and then select “Time zone” to apply the right time zone for your network. 


Have a Meraki Go feature request? 

We’re listening! To request a new feature or upvote on existing feedback, head to our page Make-a-Wish (Feature Requests). You can also go to the mobile app, tap on Settings, and click “Make a wish” under the Help section.


If you’re new to Meraki Go, learn about our simple networking solutions in our onboarding documentation or watch videos in our YouTube channel