Site-to-site VPN and multi-site now available

Meraki Go Team

Since launching our new GX50 Router Firewall Plus with 500+ Mbps throughput and client VPN, we’re happy to announce both site-to-site VPN and multi-site are now also available!  



If you have multiple physical locations, or are an MSP (Managed Service Provider) managing many small businesses, we’ve made it easier for you to configure, manage, and monitor each site. 


You can now use a single Meraki Go account or email to manage multiple sites.


Setting up multi-site allows you to: 

  • Create site-to-site VPN: easily connect to and access company resources between sites that each have a GX50 Router Firewall Plus.
  • Manage multiple offices with Meraki Go deployments from a single account. 
  • Manage multiple companies from a single account, if you’re an MSP, partner, or IT consultant.

To get started, from your Meraki Go account in the mobile app or web portal, go to Settings, scroll to the Account section, and select Create a new site.  




Learn more about multi-site and the steps to get started in our technical documentation. 



Site-to-site VPN

We've also released site-to-site VPN on the GX50 Router Firewall Plus! Site-to-site VPN can be enabled for any of your locations that have a GX50. 


You now can choose from another VPN type in addition to Client VPN. As a refresher, Client VPN allows remote workers to securely connect to your company network and access company files from anywhere. Client VPN is configured on all end devices (laptops, phones, etc.). 


The new site-to-site VPN allows any users connected to one of your company locations with a GX50, to access company resources from another company location that has a GX50. Site-to-site VPN is configured on the GX50 device, so no configuration is needed on the client device (laptop, phone, computer).


To get started, from the Meraki Go mobile app or web portal, go to Settings, scroll to Advanced Settings, and select Site-to-site VPN settings.  




Learn more about site-to-site VPN and the steps to get started in our technical documentation.




Questions? Just ask or comment in the thread below. 

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