NEW Meraki Go Community badges!

Meraki Go Team

We’re excited to announce brand new Meraki Go badges (and prizes) for your community profile. 


Our Meraki Go community wouldn’t be here without each of you who’ve joined and taken the time to author and contribute to countless posts that help other customers everyday. You’ve answered technical questions, helped troubleshoot issues, shared new feature ideas, and the list goes on - we’re grateful for all that you do!


Many of you may be familiar with our current badges that are automatically unlocked based on your activity - from your first solution, first 5 posts, receiving 10 kudos, and more. 


Beginning in May, your activities in the Meraki Go community will also make you eligible to be recognized and awarded with 3 new monthly badges, along with more prizes to come.  


What are the new badges? 


  • Member of the Month: earn the Member of the Month badge based on the number of kudos received multiplied by 2x the number of solutions authored. 
  • Rising Star: earn the Rising Star badge of honor if you’ve joined in the last 3 months and contributed the most posts in that time. 
  • Everybody Wins: earn the Everybody Wins badge if you’ve gone out of your way to do something for the greater good of the community, like solving a member’s question.


MiriamGo_0-1680645854805.png  MiriamGo_1-1680645854807.png   MiriamGo_2-1680645854847.png




How do I get a badge?

Continue contributing to the community by asking questions, posting answers, resolving issues, and giving and receiving kudos and solutions. Everything counts! 


To see any badges you’ve earned, click on your profile name in the top right > My profile > Badges. 


For the new monthly badges even if you don’t receive a badge during a certain month, worry not as you’ll still be eligible to receive it in future months.


Did you say prizes? 

You bet! To launch the 3 new badges in May, everyone who wins a badge will also receive a pair of Cisco (who powers Meraki Go) socks.* 




*Full terms, conditions, and eligibility for Member of the Month, Rising Star, and Everybody Wins prizes


Stay tuned — there will be more opportunities to win prizes in future months. 


We look forward to kicking these off with you in May!  


cc @AmyReyes 


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