Introducing the Meraki Go Router Firewall Plus

Meraki Go Team

Did someone say VPN? We’re excited to announce the addition of the new Router Firewall Plus to the Meraki Go family, now available globally! 


We heard your requests for VPN and more security - the new router and firewall combo lets you securely and remotely connect to your company network from anywhere, while achieving high network performance with 500+ Mbps firewall throughput. 


Check out the new Router Firewall Plus


























What’s New: 

  • Client VPN: provide enhanced security for remote and hybrid employees with client VPN. Teams can remotely access company resources (files, applications, documents) from their devices, and get work done from anywhere. 
  • Fast network performance: support fast internet speeds with over 500 Mbps of firewall throughput available. 
  • Insights and control: get the same easy controls and insights with the new router firewall combo. From blocking websites to checking your internet usage in real-time - manage everything from the mobile app or web portal.

Feature Highlights: 

Access all the same easy-to-use powerful features from the mobile app and web portal. 


  • Block websites per user or network for optimal team productivity and compliance.
  • Real-time insights: see second-by-second updates on your network usage and take any necessary actions to increase productivity at your business. 
  • Boost productivity: make adjustments on the fly to improve bandwidth, such as putting Usage Limits.
  • Create secure networks: configure VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) to protect sensitive company data by separating your network traffic into individual virtual subnetworks. E.g. create a separate network for your teams, for guests, and for POS devices to increase PCI compliance. 


Get the new Router Firewall Plus today.


P.S. we'd love to know your thoughts! Any new features you’d like to see? Comment below or send us a feature request