Become a Beta Tester!

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Did you know the Meraki Go app has a beta program? With automated tools in place to collect and report bugs, in addition to collecting feedback from our community here, we can continually improve the quality of the mobile app experience by simply running the beta version of the app. But what are the benefits of joining the mobile app beta?


By joining the program, you get early access to new features, general improvements, and any bug fixes that may be scheduled for the next production version of the Meraki Go mobile app. This gives our community a more proactive voice in our ongoing development, and we need your support!


There are no obligations in the beta program, and anybody may opt out at any time. You can work on getting access to the beta version right away with the below instructions.


Our documentation article regarding the beta version is a good place to look for any changes that may occur to the availability of beta access or known issues.