Meraki Quarterly and Wi-Fi 6 event

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Meraki Quarterly and Wi-Fi 6 event

Here is the link, for those of you who missed the Meraki quarterly last week


During quarterly, we discuss updates from the previous 3 months. As always, feel free to provide your feedback, and I'll try to incorporate your suggestions into our next quarterly.


TLDR, we discussed:

  1. MR26.1 firmware in public beta (Umbrella integration, alternate management interface, mandatory DHCP)
  2. The next generation of wireless: Wi-Fi 6
  3. A live event on 4/29 with Cisco to present our joint Wi-Fi 6 strategy. Hear from Todd Nightingale, Meraki GM, check out a customer panel (including Meraki), and hear about 5G as well. To sign up, you can use this link



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Getting noticed

I assume there will be a reply or a follow-up post.

I'm actually in an all-day class at Cisco Miami office at that same exact time.



David Burgess
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CCNA Wireless, MCNA, ECMS1
Kind of a big deal

Interested in seeing the EOL or Roadmap for existing MR devices like the MR33. Also will Wifi 6 come to Meraki Go?

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

@SoCalRacer No updates for you at this point on those. If I hear anything different from the product teams on those, i'll let you know.

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